Lillehammer Elk safari / moose safari

Lillehammer Elk safari / moose safari

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the summer season moose safaris are offered in Øyerfjellet. Special arrangements for groups by appointment. Start from Øyer Tourist Information Office.

The elk safari starts as soon as the snow conditions draw the elks to the feeding areas. Possibility of obtaining an audience with the "King of the Forests" in His Majesty's natural habitat is an experience your should not miss! We start off in the afternoon when the elk is hungry. There is a wonderful evening trip by bus in the mountains and with binoculars you can see animals in their habitat. In addition to seeing moose, this guided trip includes an afternoon picnic and story-telling session about life in the mountains. The moose safari is offered to visitors both winter and summer. For groups up to 60 persons. Larger groups can be divided.

Duration approx. 2hrs. Pick-up at the hotels, or elsewhere upon agreement. Min. no. of persons: 8.

The local mountains in Hafjell Norway offer breathtaking mountain expanses, as well as mountain peaks with spectacular views. The moose is a large and magnificent animal that is best seen in its natural element - high up in the mountains!

Start at Lilleputthammer in Hafjell on Wednesdays in July. Age limit for driving ATV's 18 years and driving license. Price per ATV Nok 600.- and duration for the trip is about 3 hours. Included: Helmets, Glows, guide, insurance and binoculars. Remember to bring with your camera!!!

Booking and information
Nordseter Aktivitetssenter
N-2618 Nordseter / Lillehammer
Phone: +(47) 61 26 40 37

Practical information
Season: Late June - medio August
Start from:
Øyer Tourist Information Office
Tel.+47 61 27 79 50
Fax: +47 61 27 70 50
The elk safari starts as soon as the snow conditions draw the elks to the feeding areas

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