Lærdal - head of the Sognefjord, halfway between East Norway and West Norway

Lærdal - head of the Sognefjord, halfway between East Norway and West Norway

Lærdal is situated at the head of the Sognefjord, halfway between East Norway and West Norway. You can reach it by car, bus or air, or by boat, for instance across the beautiful Nærøyfjord. The Lærdal valley is located in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, western Norway. It winds from the Lærdal fjord, one of the inner arms of the Sognefjord, to the mountain passes of Fillefjell and Hemsedalsfjellet, on the water divide between Western and Eastern Norway.

Explore the high mountains and wild fjord landscape around Flåm. Challenge yourself on one of our day tours, either on foot, by bike or kayak. Experiences - cycle from mountain terrain all the way down to the fjord, walk on a glacier or kayak in a World Heritage area.

The municipality of Lærdal stretches from the Filefjell mountain in the east to the Sognefjord in the west and has a population of about 2200. It borders on the municipalities of Vang, Årdal and Aurland. In addition to agriculture, the county hospital and Directory Inquiries (phone 180) are both important employers. Most famous cultural attraction is the Borgund Stave Church, but most tourists also visit the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre.



Built around 1150. The church is preserved in its original state and is considered the best example of Norwegian stave churches. Open may – Sept. Booking tel. 57668109

NORSK VILLAKSSENTER - Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre

Wild salmon observatory, nature and cultural history exhibitions, award-winning film on the Atlantic salmon, cafeteria, fly-tying workshop. Open may – Oct.. Tel. 57666771, fax. 57666682 E-mail villaks@sf.telia.no.


160 authentic wooden buildings from the 18th and 19th century. An architectural pearl! Handicrafts, souvenir, Gjesme Collection, gallery, cafeteria. For guided tours and leaflet: contact the tourist office.


Traffic-free idyll by the Sognefjord. Painter Knut Rumohrs collections. Gallery, Frønningen Fjord restaurant, guided tours. You can reach Frønningen by ferry/express ship from Lærdal. Tel 57666433, E-mail: fts@frønningen.com


Many of Lærdals roads are steeped in history. Ideal for walking are amongst others the Kings road and Vindhella/Sverrestigen and Galdane near the Borgund stave chur.


The Gjesme collection

The works of the painter Hans Gjesme (1904-1994) are displayed in a permanent exhibition on the first floor of the old telegraph building at Lærdalsøyri. Gjesme studied art in Oslo and Paris, but lived in Lærdal for most of his life. Shortly before he died he donated his life's work – around 1500 items produced using different techniques – to the municipality of Lærdal. Open all summer.

Norwegian Telecommunications Museum

The history of telecommunications in Lærdal goes as far back as 1858. At the Lærdal section of the Norwegian Telecommunications Museum you can see glimpses from an exciting technological development, from the first telegraph line to Directory Inquiries (180) which moved to other premises in 1996. Open all summer. Free admission.


In the middle of the protected area at Lærdalsøyri you will find a small exhibition showing the work done to protect the 161 houses there. Open all summer. Free admission.


This mountain cottage museum is located on the King's road across Filefjell (at Maristova) and its history goes back to the Middle Ages. To book a guided tour, please call +47 57 66 87 11.

Church History Exhibition in Borgund Church

An exhibition on the sermon held on the consecration of Borgund Church more than 800 years ago.


Lærdal Market and Autumn Market

Market traditions go back a long way in Lærdal. The Lærdal Market is held at a weekend towards the end of June and the Autumn Market is in September/October. Please contact the tourist information office or the Lærdal Culture and Industry Department by calling +47 57 66 62 22 if you would like more information.

Guided tours of Frønningen

Guided tours of of Frønningen, a cultural gem: the painter Knut Rumohr's collection of historical houses and objects, the art gallery, estate and garden. Book by calling +47 57 66 64 33 or send a fax to +47 57 66 89 44. Open every Sunday between 1 June and 30 August. Groups of at least 6 persons can book on other weekdays and the rest of the year. Catering by arrangement.

Folk dancing

In the summer you can watch folk-dancing displays on the outdoor stage at Kvammegården.

Painting courses

More information from the tourist office.

Tours of "Gamle Lærdalsøyri"

Please contact the tourist information office to book a tour of Gamle Lærdalsøyri.


West Norway's most beautiful round trip!

Experience the Lærdalsfjord and the Aurlandsfjord, the Flåm railway and the Snow Road. Fjord cruise on express boat from Lærdal to Flåm, round trip on the Flåm railway and return by coach via the Snow Road. Daily from 31 May to 31 August.

Boat trips on the Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest Fjord in Europe. It's stretching 204 km inland and is 1296 m at its deepest. Welcome to eventful days - in Winter, in Spring - when the fruit blossom is at its most beautiful - or Summer, colorful Autumn. There are express boats leaving Bergen to the Sognefjord (all year) Balestrand, Leikanger, Vik, Sogndal (Versa visa). Passenger boat between: Flåm-Aurland-Gudvangen all year. Bergen-Flåm/Flåm-Bergen 1/5-30/9.


Express boat connections from 31 May to 31 August. From Gudvangen you can continue to Voss and Bergen. Daily departures from Lærdal at 9 am.


Car ferry up the Nærøyfjord. Experience the Nærøyfjord – the wildest and most beautiful of the arms to the Sognefjord. An exciting journey through a living cultural landscape. Year-round departures from Lærdal 4 x daily. Please contact the tourist office for updated information on prices and departure times for these and other boat and round trips from Lærdal.


Angling in the LÊrdal river

One of the most famous Norwegian salmon rivers. The water is so clear you can actually see the fish in some parts of the river where the bottom is light in color. Due to the attack of and treatment against gyrodactylus, salmon fishing in this river is prohibited for the next couple of years, but further up the river you can fish for trout.

Angling in the mountain lakes of Filefjell, Aurlandsfjell and Fr¯nningen. Fishing permits can be bought at the tourist office.

Fjord fishing

Fishing is free in the fjord (but take care to avoid the protected zone around the mouth of the river). For boat hire, contact the tourist office or Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park.


Swimming in the Sognefjord

Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park, Jektesanden and Vindedal camping.


Tennis court and equipment hire at Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park.

Beach volley ball

At Grandane, Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park.


Lærdal has a flat landscape, suitable for cycling. Cycles can be hired from Lindstrøm hotell and from Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park.

Rowing boats – canoes

Canoes and rowing boats can be hired from Lærdal Holiday and Recreation Park.
Explore the beautiful scenery around the Sognefjord and the Lærdal valley. Guided hiking, cycling and fishing tours. Bike, boat and canoe rental.
Lærdal Sport og Rekreasjon
P.O. Box 7
NO-6886 Lærdal
Tel.: +47 57 66 66 95


Trip 1: Kings Road across Filefjell

Pleasant half-day hiking trip across the mountain from the Kyrkjestølen summer farm to Maristova cottage. A good trip to take between June and October. Forty individually-marked hiking trails. Hiking highlights: Aurlandsdalen valley, Flåmsdalen valley and the Historic Route in Lærdal.

Trip 2: Vindhella

The Vindhella Road crosses the mountain pass between Husum and the Borgund Stave Church. The road was built in its present form between 1840 and 1843. It is a unique piece of engineering with high stone walls, winding up the pass in elegant curves. Start the trip at Borgund Stave Church or Husum.

Trip 3: Sverrestigen ("Sverre's Ladder")

Sverrestigen connects Husum and the Borgund Stave Church. Its name is taken from Sverre's saga. The "Gula thing law" from around 950 lays down that the riding road should be as wide as a spear is long. This trip should be combined with a trip along the Vindhella Road.

Trip 4: Galdane - Selto

The road along the Lærdal River passes through a beautiful and dramatic landscape. If you would like to make a round trip, you can walk from Selto to Sjurhaugen. Follow the main road a little way, take the road across Seltåsen down to Koren and then the main road to Selto.

Trip 5: Hedler - Stødno

Easy hiking track near the centre, affording good views of the river, fjord and Lærdalsøyri. Swimming at Jektesanden.

Trip 6: Ljøsnaveiti

Good trip through the artificial watering system from the old days. Ljøsnaveiti at the top of Ljøsno was built in 1890 and is the biggest and most impressing watering system in the area.

Trip 7: Blåskavlen glacier (1809 metres above sea level)

The little glacier lies like a roof above the Snow Road between Lærdal and Aurland. Fine view. Hiking possible from July. The round trip takes 4 hours.

Trip 8: Frønningen

There is no road to the beautiful Frønningen, situated on the southern shore of the Sognefjord between Aurland and Lærdal. Many good hiking routes along the old timber chute and the many forest roads. You can reach Frønningen by ferry or express boat from Lærdal. (More about guided tours and eating out at Frønningen).

Aurland - Flåm - Lærdal - the most beautiful part of the Sognefjord

This is where you can explore the Nærøyfjord, the most dramatic of all the arms of the Sognefjord, from 2005 - WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The west Norwegian fjords are situated one on each side of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier and comprise of the municipalities of Aurland, Lærdal, Vik and Voss on the south side and the municipalities of Norddal and Stranda on the north side. UNESCO has included the fjords of Norway, exemplified by the Nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord, on its renowned World Heritage List. The Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord now enjoy the same recognition as the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Zambia’s Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon in USA.

Boat trips runs all year through, so you can see how lovely the scenery is regardless of season. The scenery is lovely whatever the season. In spring and early summer the waterfalls are in full flow and the snow-capped mountain peaks contrast beautifully with green of the hillsides. From September the landscape dons its gorgeous autumn colors. Another main attraction is the Flåm Railway, 20 km long and spanning an altitude difference of 865 m from the fjord to the mountains.

You can visit cultural attractions such as Borgund Stavechurch (approx. 1180) the most disinctive of all the Norwegian stave churches, old Lærdalsøyri with its well preserved buildings from the 1700-1800.The Church at Underdal (approx. 1147) is the smallest in use in Scandinavia, several museum and art-gallery. The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal showcases the exciting story of the Atlantic salmon.

There are enough activities to keep you going for days on end. Walks - the Aurlandsdalen valley and along the old historical roads in Lærdal among others are especially popular. You can cycle beside the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway (Rallarvegen) or along the Sognefjord.

The area is easily accessible by train, bus, boat and car. The road "Aurlandsvegen" over the mountains between Aurland and Lærdal is a must for motorists. The world's longest roadtunnel (Lærdalstunnelen 24,5 km) - also between Lærdal and Aurland. (No toll). In Summer ( May-Sept.) you can still take the car ferry between Lærdal and Gudvangen. Booking and other details info contact Aurland & Lærdal Tourist Board.

Tourist Information Centers:

Aurland & Lærdal Tourist Board

Destination Aurland-Flåm-Lærdal
P.O. Box 53
NO-5741 Aurland
Phone: (47) 57 63 33 13
Fax: (47) 57 63 11 48
Internet: www.alr.no

Lærdal Tourist Office

The tourist information center is situated in the centre of Lærdalsøyri. Sell boat- and roundtrip-tickets. Arrange accommodation. Sell stamps, postcards and maps. Bike or bicycles rental. Guide-service. Fishing license, Guided trips. Authorised Official Tourist Board.
Pb. 122
6886 Lærdal
Tel: 57 64 12 07
Telefax: 57 66 64 22
E-mail: info.laerdal@alr.no

Aurland Tourist Office in Heradshuset in the center of Aurland

Address: Heradshuset
Postal code: 5745 Aurland
Tel: 57 63 33 13
Fax: 57 63 11 48
Email: info@alr.no

Flam Tourist Information Center

Frønningen Tourist Office

Fronningen is situated on the southern side of the Sognefjord between Lurdal and Aurland. Plenty of walks in the area. Take the ferry from Lurndal or Gudvangen. Contact Lurdal and Aurland tourist office.

More contact Info:

Sognefjord Tourist Information Offices in Aurland, Balestrand, Fjærland, Flåm, Jostedal, Gaupne, Gudvangen, Lærdal, Skjolden, Sogndal, Vik and Øvre Årdal. Find all other tourist offices: Follow this link
Aurland - Flåm - Lærdal - the most beautiful part of the Sognefjord

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