Lægreid, Eidfjord

Lægreid, Eidfjord

The village of Eidfjord is the innermost village on the Hardanger Fjord in the south-western Norwegian county of Hordaland. From the village centre you can walk along Lægreidsvegen past Eidfjord New Church, and the Old Church. Through a farmyard, follow Tråavegen, through Øvrehagen and then Kyrkjevegen back to the centre. This walk will give you an idea of the local culture, buildings and traditions. About 30 min.

Activities in Lægreid, Eidfjord

Eidfjord New Church
The Church was inaugurated in 1981. The architect was Sigurd Sekse. It is a working church with multiple functions, church pews, living room and office. Eidfjord The new church is for Lægreid Eidfjord. Easy access. Car and bus parking. Guided tours for groups by appointment. Contact the tourist office.

Eidfjord Old Church
The stone church from 1309, is a James Church. The story tells of a domineering and powerful Rich Ragna built the church to gain redemption for her sins. Eidfjord Old Church is on Lægreid Eidfjord. Easy access. Car and bus parking.
Opening hours: 15. June - 15 August
Guided tours daily at 12.00 and 14.00
Entrance: £ 40,
Open to groups all year by appointment, contact the tourist office.

Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel
Lægreid 7, 5783 Eidfjord
Tel: 53 66 52 64
Fax: 53 66 52 12
E-mail: post@effh.no
Internet: www.effh.no

• Production of wood objects in many forms.
• Turned artifacts. Shrine in birch.
• Interior: cabinets, tables and benches.
• Handicrafts, wood carving
• Special items designed and designed as customers need.
• Exhibition: Collection of fiddles of the known fiddle-maker Anders J. Aasen.
• Guided tours by appointment.
Trehåndtverker olaf Bu
Lægreidsvegen 38 L / old church
Mailing address: Box 22, 5786 Eidfjord
Phone: 53 66 51 30/91 71 85 21
Fax: 53 66 51 30

Rauhelleren is a modern country home the old atmosphere still is on the walls. Centrally located in the middle of Hardangervidda meet paths from north, south, east and west. The kitchen looks compromised solid and based on local ingredients. Animal and farm care makes this a popular place for families.
Rauhelleren Turisthytte,
Lægreidsv 11, N-5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 41 55 04 04
E-mail: mail@rauhelleren.no
Internet: www.rauhelleren.no

Active Eidfjord AS
Provides activities fall, winter and spring, such as:
- Horse Transport in Eidfjord
- Horse by horse and sleigh on the mountains, including the traditional Hoel Farm.
- Trugetur walks in the mountains, with visits in huts and from Hoel Farm
- Nature and culture tours
- Baking Workshop, a visit to bakery basement where you bake your own krotakaker and get it served with
home-made accessories and coffee / tea.

Hans Olav and Mona Lægreid
Lægreidsvegen 11
5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 41 55 04 04
E-mail: mail@rauhelleren.no

Lægreid, 5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 53 67 34 00
Or :
Lægreid skule
Skulevegen School road
Simadalsvegen 4
Phone: 53673580
Fax: 53673585
More info available at Eidfjord Tourist Information Office

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