Kongeparken Family Park

Kongeparken Family Park

Western Norway's largest amusement park and Rogaland's most popular attraction. Discover the delights of the magic chocolate factory where children are invited to make real Freia milk chocolate! The park has much to offer, including Norway's longest bob run, "brumleband", Norway's biggest merry-go-round - the Humla, Norway's highest Ferris wheel - the Airship, a mine train, a western town, a traditional Norwegian farm and a teddy bear hotel!

Rainbow Bamsebotel

Don't forget to bring teddy to Kongeparken, where you can check in to the world's first BamseBotell, a special and very distinguished hotel for teddy bears. While you are checking in and picking up your free tickets to the Freia Chocolate Factory, teddy can have a well-deserved break in the teddy spa. Even the oldest, most worn out teddy will come out looking like new.

The Svalbard Express

Looking for some stomach-churning, make-you-scream-and-yell adventure? Then head for the Svalbard Express and climb aboard this roller coaster for the whole family, as long as you're over 90 cm tall. But don't hang about, or you may be left standing on the platform as the high-speed mine train from Spitsbergen Mining Company sets off on its incredible journey.

Down on the farm

Children of all ages love to meet animals, especially when they can get close enough to pet them. At Kongsgården farm, you can meet up with friendly goats, pigs, rabbits, hens and other farm animals.
Kongeparken family park ride

Hair-raising fun

Kongeparken has plenty to offer even the most daredevil in your family. The Humla ride takes you flying down 10 metres leaving your stomach way behind. And you can race down a whole kilometre of sharp bends in the Ormen Lange bobsleigh run.

This year's new attraction is a big dipper equivalent to the ones found in the Disney parks in Florida and California in the USA. In May 2008 have installed focusing on sustainable development. In one of them, children can catch the CO2 and place it back in the oil-rig, as the Norwegian government is trying to do at Mongstad.

How to get Kongeparken Family Park

Kongeparken is located in scenic surroundings at Algard by the E39, 10 minutes by car from Sandnes and 20 minutes by car from Stavanger. Free shuttle bus to the park from Sandnes and Stavanger, please contact the park for more information. For information about public transport to the park, please contact Kolumbus.

Kongeparken Family Park
Kongsgata 20
4330 Ålgård, Norway - 10 minutes from Sandnes city centre.
Tel: 51 61 26 66
Email: info@kongeparken.no
Internet: http://www.kongeparken.no/
Kongeparken - family fun Western Norway's largest amusement park and Rogaland's most popular attraction

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