Klevfos Industrial Museum

Klevfos Industrial Museum

Closed down cellulose and paper mill. Complete plant with production equipment, dam, canals and workmen's houses. Guided tours, exhibitions and events.

Klevfos Cellulose & Paper Factory was active from 1888 to 1976. The factory grounds, including production halls, machinery, storehouse, dam, canals and workers' housing, make up the exciting Industrial Museum of today. Handmade paper is also sold on commission. Ådalsbruk was the largest industrial complex between Oslo and Trondheim at the turn of the last century, and you can also visit the old Aadalsbrug Iron Foundry in the vicinity. Coffee, meals by arrangement.

The Klevfos museum, 20 km east of Hamar, is a conserved chemical wood pulp and paper mill, built in 1888, which once made 3000 tonnes pa of sulphate pulp that was used to make wrapping paper. Most of the machinery displayed dates from 1911, when it was installed after a fire two years earlier. The machines were powered by two 80 hp turbines, and electricity was used only for lighting.

Jørn Rønnau

The Danish artist Jørn Rønnau is a sculptor and landscape artist. He is an innovative, amusing and imaginative artist who works closely with nature and the landscape. He has had several separate exhibitions and has been involved in a number of landscape projects, both as a participant and as a project manager. During the last few years he has spent a lot of time working in Norway. One of his main works was created in 2007 for the Sti for Øye outdoor art gallery in Fossum, and in 2008 he created five landscape sculptures for the Sculpture Path at Bru near Stavanger. Jørn Rønnau has held numerous lectures on art and nature both at home and abroad. At Klevfos Jørn has used paper as the material for his sculpture. His heart-shaped case has been carved from a pile of sheets of paper; one sheet for each person who has worked at Klevfos. It has been installed at Klevfos as a permanent decorative feature.

Opening times 1/5 - 20/6 and 15/8 - 15/9: 11 - 15.30. Closed at weekends in May. 20/6 - 15/8: Open every day 11 - 17. Otherwise open by agreement.

Klevfos Industrimuseum
2345 Ådalsbruk
Brev- og fakturaadresse:
Klevfos Industrimuseum
c/o Norsk Skogmuseum
Postboks 117
Tel: (+47) 62 50 88 00
Fax: (+47) 62 50 88 01

Jørn Rønnaug mobile heart - The Danish artist Jørn Rønnau is a sculptor and landscape artist

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