Kjell Gilje AS (A Comprehensive Company)

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Kjell Gilje AS
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Kjell Gilje AS (A Comprehensive Company)

Kjell Gilje AS a comprehensive company which consists of more than 20 skilled workers with their own specialties and areas of expertise. Roughly, the company can be divided into three departments:

Faculty of Engineering, offering services in architecture, building techniques. We make plans and help with municipal input. In relation to construction matters, Specialize in exemptions. Is approved for planning and application for emission / sewerage and treatment plants. Is also approved for application and preparation of environmental and waste management plans. Other specialties are applying for dredging.

Department of Construction offers services in road and site preparation, mass transport on land and sea, demolition, masonry and concrete work, foundations, dredging and wharf construction.

Department of Construction offers services in carpentry and joinery course in the construction of buildings with associated activities. The department also operates the building elements and solid elements.

It comes craftsmanship and quality across the industry average. We want the work done by us to be cherished and be the hallmarks of good quality. The goal is that you will get an added value of your property by using us. We are proud that several brokers enhance sales prospects when something is built by Kjell Gilje AS.

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