Kitekurs ved Storwartz (Kite Course at Storwartz)

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Kitekurs ved Storwartz (Kite Course at Storwartz)
Stærk Sport St.tanks gt 3 1777
+47 404 69 875
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Kitekurs ved Storwartz (Kite Course at Storwartz)

By taking the course there at so you get a quality assured courses that follow his regular training schedule with quality equipment and professional instructors . This ensures that you get the most out of your first kite experience.

We also place special emphasis on the location we hold courses on. We believe that it is better to run a little extra to get to the optimal training place than to take a course at local places that are less suitable for training and with less secure vindforhold.Spesiellt so this applies to our summer kite courses for oslo / eastern area which we added to the Northern Europe's best beginner beach in Varberg Municipality, Sweden. The course in Varberg is the absolute best and nearest course location to Oslo / Østfold that meet our standards!

In the winter, so we recommend our special kurest on our Bergsjøstølen mountain hotel where we can offer a complete package of accommodation / food and kite course for a good price.

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