The Karmøy Museums and other attractions in Karmøy

The Karmøy Museums and other attractions in Karmøy

Karmøy boasts four museums that relate its history through the past few centuries. The Mælandsgården museum is located in Skudeneshavn Old Town, and tells the saga of the town that grew from the herring fisheries. Åkrehamn Coastal Museum and Karmøy Fishery Museum tell the story about the coastal culture and of the fisheries that were so important to Karmøy. Visnes is the home of the largest copper mine in Norway, which among other things delivered copper for the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York. Nordvegen History Centre presents Norway's history through 3,500 years.

The Karmøy Museums include:

The Museum in Mælandsgården (Museet i Mælandsgården)

The Museum in Mælandsgården (Museet i Mælandsgården)
Rich in artefacts, a number of well-preserved timber buildings offering a fascinating insight into the history of Skudenshavn. The museum is situated in the middle of the old, well preserved part of Skudeneshavn. The museum also tells the history of Skudeneshavn through the ages, how a middle class family lived 150 years ago, and the old handicrafts give an impression of the town's appearance at the time.Fisheries, herringsalting, trade and shipping are topics that have dominated Skudeneshavn for 200 years - the museum will give you a glimpse of how this has shaped the city. A town model shows what old Skudeneshavn looked like in 1918.
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The Museum in Mælandsgården
N-4280 Skudeneshavn
Hours: Mon-Fri:1100-1700, Saturday: Closed, Sunday: 1200-1800
Tel: +47 52845450, +47 52 84 54 60, +47 52857365.
fax: +47 52845469

Åkrehamn Coastal Heritage Museum

Åkrehamn Coast Museum
Located in an old herring salting factory,fully restored to its former glory and housing new exhibitions about the history of this vibrant coastal community. This museum also richly depicts the contact enjoyed between West Karmøy and North America.
Åkrehamn Coastal Heritage Museum
N-4270 Åkrehamn
Opening hours: 1 June-20 aug.: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm / Sun 2pm-6pm
Tel: +47 52817427

Karmøy Fiskeries Museum

Karmøy Fiskeries Museum
Tells the story of the Norwegian fishing industry from 1950 to the present day. Here you'll find exhibits that illustrate the fishery business from the time after World War II. Museum building with distinctive architecture. Designed by "Snøhetta" firm of architects, Oslo. Exhibition on history of fisheries from 1950 to present day, also includes a saltwater aquarium. The building has a very special form and is definitely worth seeing.
Karmøy Fiskeries Museum
Postbox: 13, N-4295 Vedavågen
Opening hours: 1 June-20 aug.: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm / Sun 2pm-6pm
Tel: +47 52817455, 47 413 34 389, 52824036

Visnes Mining Museum

Visnes Mining Museum
Do not forget to visit the Visnes copper mines - one of the finest mining environments in Norway. In Vigsnes minimg museum you will find the history of the rather special mining community that in the 1800s had 3,000 inhabitants! The copper mines at Visnes were working until as recently as 1972. Take a walk along director Charles de France`s impressive park – the Fransahagen – and view the remnants of the smelting hut by the sea and the director's bridle paths. Visnes, which supplied the copper for the Statue of Liberty in New York, is now a museum, park and outdoor leisure area.
Visnes Mining Museum
Postbox 234
Opening hours: 1 June-20 aug.: Mon-Fri 11am-5pm / Sun 12pm-4pm
Tel: +47 52838400
Fax: 52 83 84 01

Also visit other nearby attractions in Karmøy:

Karmøy Lyngsenter/Heather Centre

explains the important role played by heather and the unique coastal heathland in the existence of the Karmøy coastal community. Heather garden, greenhouse plants, etc.
Tel: +47 52838400
The Historical Avaldsnes
Karmøy kulturopplevelser AS, Postboks 234, N-4299 Avaldsnes
Fax. (+47)52838401

Old Skudeneshavn - fishing village of Karmøy

Old Skudeneshavn - fishing village of Karmøy
This charming traditional fishing village on the southern tip of Karmøy was voted Norway’s “Summer Town” in 2004. A stroll through Gamle Skudeneshavn with its quaint timber houses, narrow streets and unique architecture is like stepping back in time to the days of sailing ships and horsedrawn carriages.
Old Skudeneshavn
N-4280 Skudeneshavn.
Tlf: (+47) 52 84 54 60
Fax: (+47) 52 84 54 69 (summer open).
E-mail :

The Historical Avaldsnes

Historic Avaldsnes comprises: Nordvegen Heritage Centre, brings history of Norway up to date. Open all year. St. Olav’s Church, built in 1250, is a powerful reminder of former days of glory. The church is the last remaining of four royal collegiate churches. Vikinggarden/Viking Heritage Centre (open during the summer) Reconstruction of a Viking farm settlement showing early Vikings going about their daily lives.
The Historical Avaldsnes / Det Historiske AvaldsnesKarmøy k
ulturopplevelser AS,
Postboks 234, N-4299 AvaldsnesMUSEUMSTl
Fax. (+47)52838401


Avaldsnes is called Norway's oldest throne because King Harald Fairhair made this place his main residence after he had unified Norway into one kingdom ca 870 AD. Harald Fairhair settled down at Avaldsnes.He lived here, he died here and he was buried close to the strait Karmsund.

When Harald Fairhair died around 930, Avaldsnes continued to be a royal residence for almost 500 years. It became the home of those kings we know from the old Norse sagas.

  • Nordvegen History Centre
  • The Viking Farm, Avaldsnes
  • The sacred place of kings
  • Viking age travels by the Nordic multimedia programme
  • St.Olav's Church
  • Virgin Mary¨s Sewing needle. Legends claim that doomesday will be upon us when the top of this standing stone touches the church wall.
  • Huge burials mounds from the Bronze Age at "The Blood Heights"
  • "The Five Foolish Virgins". A cluster of standing stones from the late Roman period
  • Viking Festival each year in June
  • Archaeological excavations

    : The Vikings are best known as pirates and warriors, but they were also merchants, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen, poets, explorers, travellers and statesmen; it was during the time of the Vikings that the Scandinavian national states were founded. In January 2010 it will start construction of The Dragon Harald Fairhair in Haugesund, Western Norway. The ship will set sail for its first voyage in 2013. This dragon ship is named after Harald Fairhair, the king who unified Norway into one kingdom, and it will be built close to Harald Fairhair’s Royal Residence at Avaldsnes, Norway. Norway’s leading expertise in traditional boat building and the square sail is engaged in development and construction of the ship. The construction is an experimental archaeological research program, and aim is to recreate a ship with the superb seaworthiness that characterized the ocean going long ships in the Viking Age.

  • Details info visit:

Tourist Information Center
Tel: +47 52845450,
fax +47 52845469
Visit for more information.
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