Sapmi KS (Sami adventures in Karasjok)

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Sapmi KS
Leavnnjageaidnu 1 NO-9730
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Sapmi KS

Sapmi KS is a supplier of Sami adventures in Karasjok. Organizer of Sami activities and adventures in Norwegian Lapland. Booking of overnight accommodation, dining and transport. Guided tours, dining in a lavvu (Sami tent) or in Sami restaurant, visit a Sami camp and experience Sami culture and joik (characteristic Sami chanting). Visits to the Sami culture park, Sápmi. River boat trips.

Sapmi KS will take you on an unforgettable journey to Sapmi. With them you can get a taste of Sami food! Smell the fire! Feel the soft reindeer skins!

Sapmi KS act as a company with a destination host function and Office of Karasjok and has both a marketing and sales role for local tourism products.

Sapmi KS offer dog sled rides, driving the reindeer and the Sami camp visits, accommodation and transport. The skilled tour managers and guides are in their disposal. They tailor the program in Karasjok, possibly in combination with visits from other destinations in Finnmark.

Karasjok has a great potential for future development of tourism, and has in recent years experienced a steady growth of visitors.

The cultural park presents the Sami culture and history in an engaging, informative and entertaining way. Whether you are on vacation, conference or meeting, Sapmi KS have something to offer you / you. The cultural park is located in Karasjok, a Sami town of. 3000 innbyggere. 3000 inhabitants. With its recognized institutions and Sami culture is vivid Karasjok, the Sami's "capital" in Norway. Karasjok is bilingual municipalities where 90% speak Sami there are about 60,000 reindeer in autumn and winter in Karasjok.

Opening hours: 1 Jan - 1 Jun/1 Sept - 31 Dec, Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00. 2 Jun - 8 Jun/18 Aug - 31 Aug, daily 09.00-16.00. 9 Jun - 17 Aug, daily 09.00-19.00

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