Kåfjord Church

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Kåfjord Church
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Kåfjord Church

Kåfjord Church (1836) is a long church, built in an English-Inspired neo-gothic style. The history of the church is closely linked the two copper mines. Alta's Oldest standing church is open the public two humming the buzzer. Located east of the E6 in Kåfjord, 20 km from Alta.

The church is described as performed in English influenced gothic, one of the early Gothic Revival with the window design. "A manifestation of the English nation's conservative religious religious spirit." Characteristic is the pilasters that bear gallery, the tall doors of the front benches, probably for works management, a valuable brass chandelier and simple candle holders in each benkegavel, korutformingen with door to the sacristy on each side and pulpit location in the middle of the altar.

The architect is unknown, it is alleged that the church was designed by the same Stephen Thomas, who has submitted drawings to Alta church. But the daily registry to Talvik provides "subscription to the church was probably Givet of former works manager Crowe. In the Royal Decree. 18.okt.1828, which precedes the construction, include two subscription sets. One of them carried out by the architect Hans Ditlev Linstow (architect also for His Majesty the King's palace in Oslo) as the type of subscription for the ministry to help "the church owners, architects who without help would behave churches hensigtsmæssigen and economies". Alternatively, the church included "after one of Finmarkens amtsdirection adopted drawing ..." The impact of HD Linstow is quite prominent, so his proposals might have formed the basis for drawings executed locally at the plant.

Types of church

  • Nave church and
  • Wooden church,
  • Log church

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