Restaurant Lorchstua

Restaurant Lorchstua
Storvåganvn 22 NO-8310
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Restaurant Lorchstua

Restaurant Lorchstua and Nyvågar Rorbuhotell is right in the middle of that special, quiet moment that you always long for.

Restaurant Lorchstua found on our waterfront in Lofoten. We serve food based on seasonal ingredients from the Lofoten Islands. Bacalao, dried fish, cod and Lofoten lamb.

Food is experience, wellbeing and the flavor of the place where you are staying. Nyvågar Rorbuhotell goes after local commodities, all year round. Examples are Lamb from Lofoten or spawning cod fished in the Vestfjorden. For us it is just natural, utilizing the abundancy of commodities right outside the doorstep. Bacalao, spawning cod or dried fish, it is all your choice!

In our homely restaurant Lorchstua, we have space for up to 78 people. In the period 1 Juni- 15. June-15 August, Nyvågar Rorbuhotell open a la carte restaurant. Adjacent to the restaurant, the Lofoten lunch enjoyed in the pleasant Kaikroa or out on the pier with the Lofoten Nature and Vågakallen as a backdrop. Outside this period, we open at the request of groups over 10 people.

The area Storvågan in Lofoten - where Nyvågar Rorbuhotell is now - was from the beginning of 1800 - the number one seat for landowners. They engaged in trade of fish, accommodation in the form of rental cabins, and inn. One of the squires was Caspar Frederick Lorch who left the stately main house Storvågan which today houses the Lofoten Museum. Lorch came to power by marrying Randi Rønning widow of the former squire Erik Rønning. The relationship started purely business purposes, but rapidly developed beyond this. Caspar Frederick Lorch was born in 1790 in the Westin, but grew up as foster son Kjærringøy. Fars genus Lorch were merchants in Trondheim and mother's family Klæboe a powerful family Helgeland. Lorch described as a clever and smart business man.

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