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Arctic Wilderness Experience
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Arctic Wilderness Experience

Arctic Wilderness Experience (AWE) is a small family-run company based in Hamarøy in Nordland, in a picturesque area surrounded by majestic mountains, fjords, tidal currents and a rich flora and fauna. Our wilderness experience covers more than 25 years in the Arctic. AWE`s base is situated at Finnøy, a 30-minute drive from the E6 at Innhavet.

About Wilderness guide Robin:

Having been brought up in East Africa, he developed an appetite for nature and wild places. This was followed by military service and a 12 week solo row from the Shetlands islands to Norway’s North Cape, a journey that has still to be repeated. He was the trail blazer and Executive Officer for the 5th World Wilderness Congress (Norway), and was Secretary for the 1994 International Ecophilosophical Symposium.. Robin is a qualified practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine. He has also worked for the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, and has published two books relating to his personal experiences.

As a Wilderness guide on Svalbard and running his own company for 12 years, Robin has worked closely with individuals and small groups of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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