LOKK Restaurant
Torggata 18b
Inngang Badstugata
+47 22 11 22 88
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The people behind the new soup restaurant Lokk had been looking around for a while for a small place, a hole-in-the wall, where they could serve good, afordable fast food. They did not necessarily have soup in mind, but the idea eventually began stirring in the back of manager Ole Bjørn Sundsdal’s mind, partly because of “that whole soup Nazi thing.”

He’s referring to a character in the American TV-comedy Seinfeld who only sells soup to those who know what they want in advance and display proper queue etiquette. That is not to say soup is only served to those waiting in perfectly straight lines at Lokk: You sit at Formica table or hang out at the bar with a beer or a glass of wine. But the goal, as Sundsdal puts it, is to offer an alternative to kebabs. And since they stay open until 2:30 a.m. on weekends, after hours Lokk also becomes a sort of nightspot. While there´s no dance floor, they do have Frank Sinatra and Tom waits on the sound system.

In addition, as with almost all good food, Lokk is about this: Slow cooking and plenty of good ingredients. When it comes to personal favourites, Sundsdal leans toward classic pea soup, Norwegian style.

“Pea soup is simple and good, and in addition, the Nordic kitchen is pretty popular right now,” he says. The menu usually has about five soups, including the soup of the day, plus a small selection of stews and other traditional fare.

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