Ingebrigt Vik Museum

Ingebrigt Vik Museum - exhibits works of sculptor Ingebrigt Vik

A museum of sculptures which exhibits nearly all the works of the sculptor Ingebrigt Vik. In Øystese is almost everything the sculptor Ingebrigt Vik made gathered. He worked as an artist for only fifteen years yet still managed to establish himself as one of the most important sculptors in Norway. When he died in 1927 he left his whole artistic production to his birthplace Øystese.

The collection consists of work in terracotta, plaster, marble and bronze. Here you can admire different versions of some of his most famous work like the statue of the composer Edvard Grieg and Ynglingen. In all, more than 100 works of art are on display in the Ingebrigt Vik Museum. It is an attractive, octagonal building in the centre of Øystese, and contains almost all the works of Ingebrigt Vik (1867-1927). Ingebrigt Vik grew up in Øystese, and worked as a wood carver in his father's workshop.

The building was designed by the architect Torgeir Alvsaker in 1934. Since the opening the museum has been modified twice. First in 1954 when the two allegorical sculptures on both sides of the entrance were added. The last change took place in 2006 when the art house Kabuso was built. The architects Hille Strandskogen Arkitekter used the same type of material for the annex as in Kabuso to connect the two buildings together.

About Kabuso

Kabuso is situated next to the Ingebrigt Vik Museum in the centre of Øystese in Kvam, Hardanger.
This is 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Bergen.

Kabuso is Hordaland’s millennium project. Hordaland County Council states that, “The millennium project for Hordaland will manifest itself as an arts and culture centre in Øystese.
Looking at the past it will reflect the present and be a meeting place for all.

The millennium project will be a centre where art and culture will be communicated at a professional level, and the art will create a dialogue between Norway and the rest of the world.”

Kabuso shows a changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year, both contemporary and traditional art. Through collaboration with artists and other art institutions, we are aiming to produce exhibitions of a high standard. Kabuso is an arts centre that looking at the past, will reflect the present and be a meeting place for all.

The café at Kabuso is a place where visitors may sit down and enjoy and contemplate the impressions from both the art house, the exhibitions and the view. The museum store sells catalogues, books, posters and postcards connected to our previous and current exhibitions and the Ingebrigt Vik Museum.

About Hordaland’s millennium project

Hille Strandskogen Architects won the competition to build the millennium project, and wrote this about their outline, “We have tried to find an architectural style that can tie the different movements and distinctive features of the surroundings, and create a building that will stimulate the visitor to consume art of different types and understand the different qualities there are in Øystese.”

Ingebrigt Vik Museum
The extension of the Ingebrigt Vik Museum has continued the classical symmetry of the building. You will now be able to see inside the building from the park and catch a glimpse of the sculptures, which now will be more visible. The building techniques and materials are the same as in the new building.

Exhibition area: 203 m2
Storeroom: 45 m2
Ingebrigt Vik Museum extension: 56 m2
Concert room/auditorium: 168 m2
Side stage with grand piano: 38 m2
Rehearsal/meeting room: 14 m2
Artist’s dressing room: 15 m2
TTechnical rooms: 53 m2

Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 11-15, Sat+Sun 11-16

Entrance NOK 50,-
Students and seniors NOK 35,-

Ingebrigt Vik Museum
Hardangerfjordvegen 626
5610 Øystese in Hardanger. Follow Route 7 on the northern side of the Hardangerfjord.
Tel: +4756553900
Sleeping girl - exhibiting sculptures in Ingebrigt Vik Museum

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