Høie Garden, Gallery, Glass and Metal (Galleri Høie / Høie Glass & Metall)

Høie Garden, Gallery, Glass and Metal (Galleri Høie / Høie Glass & Metall)
Flagvegen 101 NO-7670
+47 93 00 84 25
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Høie Garden, Gallery, Glass and Metal - Inderøy in Nord-Tron, Norway

Høie Garden, Gallery, Glass and Metal (Galleri Høie / Høie Glass & Metall) is beautifully situated in Inderøy, Nord-Trondelag, with a fantastic view towards the Trondheim Fjord. Here you will find artistic combinations of glass and metal presented in a new gallery and an exhibition garden.

Specialty is the combination of glass and metal, presented in own gallery and exhibition garden. The Høie exhibition garden is a natural treasure,using periodic flower and plant harmonization change the garden still looks throughout the summer. Come and see, listen to the birds, brook and sea! Summer café.

About the artist:
Oddveig Stenvig is an enthusiastic artist soul from scenic Inderøy Nord-Trondelag, although she really is from Jølster in Sogn. Oddveig Stenvig also produces barrels, cheers and wall pictures in exiting colour constellations, together with metal sculptures for garden landscapes. In Inderøy with an exhibition garden towards the Trondheim fjord and in Trondheim at “Bakklandet”. Her specialty is a combination of glass and metal for both indoor and outdoor space. But the glass dish and wall pictures in exciting color constellations have a prominent position. Her passion for plants and flowers are particularly expressed through the gardens at Sola, which is built up from scratch over 10 years. Previously, she participated in a number of fairs and exhibitions, but with increasing interest for both products, art work and gardens have been home arena priority.


AT INDERØY: Flagvegen 101 v/ Sund Folkehøgskole, 7670 Inderøy
AT TRONDHEIM: Nygata 7, Bakklandet, 7014 Trondheim

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