Berg Farm

Berg Farm
Kjelvikvegen 71 NO-7670
+47 74 15 52 07
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Berg Farm

Berg Farm! Experience our locally produced farm food in a beautiful cultural landscape, along The Golden Route! Norway’s first farm butchery for småfe (sheep). Old farm shop.

We provide:

  • Slakteriloftet Eatery with its special atmosphere
  • Sheep, pigs, hens, a cat and thousands of bees!
  • Summer cafe with coffee, tea, soft drinks, cakes and ice cream.

Opening hours:
Wednesdays all year 11-17pm.
20th June to 20th August: every day 11-17pm.

When we started, we produced only grains. Today we have a varied production where we try to exploit the farm’s resources, like houses, the landscape, forests, pastures, cultural monuments and more.

We have sheep, free-roaming pigs and bees. We use our own animals in the food-production that we sell or serve on the farm. In addition we have 400 000 m2 cultivated grounds with 300 000 m2 grains, 30 000 m2 caraway and 70 000 m2 fields. We also have 100 000 m2 pastry and 300 000 m2 forest.

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