Holmenkollen - summer as well as winter

Bogstad Camp, Holmenkollen - summer

Holmenkollen is one of the world's best-known sports centres with its unique location on "the roof of Oslo". A visit to Holmenkollen is obligatory for anyone coming to Oslo. This is Norway's most visited tourist attraction, with over 1 million visitors every year where adventures await you in summer as well as winter. Holmenkollen offers many adventures for the senses.

Holmenkollen Hill has a unique location where it lies with the capital city beneath it. From the Holmenkollen Railway, which is an attraction in itself, it takes 10 minutes to walk up to the world's most well-known ski-jumping hill.

The view from the top of the hill is unbelievable. You see Oslo and the Oslo Fjord with surrounding countryside. You reach the top of the hill by taking the lift part of the way and then walking the last 113 steps up to the ski-jumping tower. And you shake your head and cannot understand that anyone dares to ski downhill from this height.

If you wonder how it feels to float over the brow of the hill and nearly down to the outrun, then have a go in the ski simulator. It gives you a realistic impression of a ski-jump at the Holmenkollen Hill.

The Ski Museum at Holmenkollen is the world's oldest of its kind, telling the history of skis through 4000 years. There are annual exhibitions and the theme this summer is Kjell Aukrust and his fantastic world of make-believe. In the gift shop you will find beautiful souvenirs to take home from the ski-jumping hill and from Oslo.

After an eventful day you can relax with good food and drink in the Hoppkafé (Jump Cafeteria) and let the impressions sink in. An outdoor cafeteria is open during the summer months.

Holmenkollen is open daily from 09.00 &endash; 20.00 hours from June to August. In addition this summer several cultural and sporting activities will be held.

The facts:

  • Holmenkollen is among the world's three most profiled sports centres along with Wembley and Wimbledon.
  • Ski-jumping competitions have been arranged here since as long ago as 1892 and Holmenkollen Sunday is referred to as Norway's other National Day.
  • Tel.: 22923200, www.skiforeningen.no and www.holmenkollen.com

Holmenkollen ski races, Holmenkollen in winter

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