Sirdalsferie AS (Tourism-Related Business)

Sirdalsferie (Tour in Sirdal)
Kvæven NO-4443
+47 38 37 78 00
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Sirdalsferie AS (Tourism and Tourism-Related Business)

Sirdalsferie is a private limited company with the aim of developing tourism and tourism-related business through product development and marketing.

The company administers trail run for Sirdal municipality. In addition, we project manager for the inter-municipal project Suleskarvegen. The following projects we have worked with in recent years:

  • Joint ski map Sirdal
  • Development of a common profile for Sirdal
  • New labeling and signage for the trails
  • Sirdal Days
  • Mini Låmi
  • Inter Coach
  • Common fish species for Sirdal
  • Walking Guide Sirdal

Hiking map can be obtained at the information centre in Kvæven, as well as the local groceries stores.

Trip suggestion: Kjerag
Kjerag is an impressive rock wall rising 1000 vertical meters over the Lysefjord. The famous rock "Kjeragbolten" is stuck in-between two vertical walls on the top of the wall. You can reach Kjerag by following the marked trail from Øygardstøl, near Lysebotn. The hike is taxing, but the view from the top is a great pay back for all the hard work. Estimated time: 5 hrs return.

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