Hike & bike at the Lofoten Islands

Hike & bike at the Lofoten Islands
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Hike & bike at the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Kajakk (Lofoten Aktiv) offers all kinds of "muscular-powered" and environment friendly activities at Lofoten Islands.

The "best" eco-adventure Lofoten Kajakk (Lofoten Aktiv) has to offer are the hike & bike-trips; on the bike out to the starting point of the hike.

The hike & bike-trips are suited for families and groups of friends, for children under 10 we have to take precautions due to the traffic along E10.

Bike and helmet are included.

Each guide brings up to 15 guests on a trip and less if the hike is challenging.

At 68° North our nature is fragile and our trips are executed accordingly using the principles of LNT.org. Every guest is her/him-self responsible for their "footprint".

All tours led by local guides and certified guides. Good experiences and your safety is our main goal. We are happy to provide tips on what to do and where to go .. Our guides were born or have lived long in the Lofoten Islands and is very well known in the areas we operate in and know so many of the finest places and can give you the best experience. We are pleased to make a suggestion, both for short day trips or longer overnight trips, the itinerary, activities and places with an atmosphere of accommodation. Our knowledge and love of the Lofoten islands and its wealth of nature makes it easier for us to do our best to help you realize dreams, goals and desires.

We have a good network of contacts throughout North Norway and North Trøndelag through Active in the North. This is LU's focus on business activity and thus we can show you other players that we can confidently recommend once you've tried it we have to offer you and your friends and family.

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