Hessdalen Research Association

Hessdalen Research Association
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Hessdalen Research Association

Evening tours to Hessdalen, upon application. See and experience the research into the light phenomena during August and September.

Geographically Hessdalen a small valley north of Røros. Internationally, the "major". The valley is world renowned for the strange atmospheric lights that pop up anytime, anywhere.

This lysfenomenet has international research context, called The Hessdalen Phenomenon.

Hessdalen is the only place in the world from where it is done serious research on such atmospheric phenomenon. Lights began to appear at the beginning of the 1980s, there was also imaginative explanations. too much at home burning and inbreeding and thus hallucinations. A respected professor at the University of Oslo said it was the children who sent the hot air balloon. The person never had time to come to Hessdalen.

And people in the media produced Hessdalen as more or less fools which were a great burden, but people knew that they had seen anything unusual, and stood for it.

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