Heart-shaped Christmas baskets

Heart-shaped Christmas baskets

Step by Step instructions showing to make a Christmas tree decoration from paper.

To make a decoration like the one shown on the picture to the right, you need:

  • Glossy paper, two different colors
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue

Follow the step by step instructions below. Look at the animations for extra help (and don't get mad if you can't do it the first time you try!). In this example we have chosen to use glossy paper in red and green, but you can use any colors you'd like.

1. Take the red paper and cut out a rectangular shape 7,5cm X 25cm (or 3" X 10")

2. Turn it around, so the backside of the paper is visible. Fold on the middle, the backside still turned up.
Animation to step 2
Animation to step 2
3. 2/3 from the fold, draw a thin pencil line across the paper. Draw two dots on a horizontal line, both 2,5 cm (1") away from the edges and with 2,5 cm (1") between them. Draw two vertical lines, one from each of the dots down to the fold. Cut slots along the two vertical lines (not further than the horizontal line!). Draw a semi-circle on the paper left above the horizontal line. Cut around the edges of the semi-circle. Fold open again, turning the colored side out. Fold once more along the fold on the middle, but this time you leave the frontside of the paper visible.
Animation to step 3
Animation to step 3
4. Take the green paper and repeat step 1-3.
That was the easy part. The harder part is interlacing the two shapes. This gets easier with some practice, so don't get frustrated if you can't get it right the first time! The shapes will to be interlaced with each other by the three "loose ends" on each shape, using an every other inside-outside technique.

5. Take the red and "open" the top loop. Take the green and stick the first end down inside the top red loop.

6. then open the green (still the same end) and stick the second red bit through it.

7. Stick the green end through the last red loop.

8. Take the second green end, stick the first red end through it (through the green loop).

9. Continue like this, sticking every other red and green bit through the other color.

10. When the heart shape is finished, cut out a red oblong shape, approximately 1.5cm X 25cm (0.6" X 10"). Fold it on the middle and glue it to the heart making a handle for the basket. When the glue has dried, the decoration is ready to hang on the Christmas tree! If you want to, you can fill it with candy.
decoration is ready to hang on the Christmas tree

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