Mount Hatten

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Mount Hatten
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Mount Hatten

The mountain Hatten, 1128 meters above sea level, has a rather peculiar shape. It looks like a hat and that is the reason for its Dame. In the Lapp.

language it is called Aartpije, which means widow-the ODethat stands alone.

Geologically, in Hatten, the minerals serpentine and olivine are found. They give the rock its brownish colour. There are also small quantities of magnetite and soapstone. Around 1875 people were prospecting for copper on the top of Hatten. A forge was built dose to a rocky wall, not far from the Cairo that marks the highest point. You can still see the remains of the forge with the initials of the workers in the rocky walI. The pits from that time are also easily seen. Local traditions say that some Lapps were hired to carry the ore from the foot of Hatten to the nearest cart track. Then the ore was transported to Mosjøen.

In local tradition there is also a story about a rather dramatize indent from the time of prospecting on top of Hatten. The foreman of the miners fell out with the workers and they planned to have him killed. White the foreman was down in the pif to ignite the fuse, they removed the ladder. The foreman however managed to get out of the pit and lived for maRY years afterwards. The view from Hatten in good weather is marvellous. Local people say that on a clear day you can see seven parishes from the mountain.

If you reach the top you can see for yourself whether this is an exaggeration or if it is correct. It usually takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get to the top of Hatten. If you 'stop to have a rest or a cup of coffee, it will obviously take a little longer. Have a nice trip.

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