Hasla (Shop and Workshop)

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Hasla (Shop and Workshop )

Welcome to the silversmith in the centre of Valle. Our shop and workshop are located in a building constructed of logs in a traditional Setesdal style. Here you will find silversmiths at work all year round, and you are welcome into the workshop to see how our jewellery is made. We maintain century old traditions and at the same time develop modern designs. Our jewellery is made of silver. In addition to jewellery, we also have a great choice of souvenirs. At Setesdalsylv, we give our customers the best service!

Mon-Thu 0830 - 1630 Friday 0830 - 1800 Saturday 1000 - 1600 July: Mon-Fri 0830 - 1800 Saturday 1000 - 1800 Sunday 1200 - 1800 (01.07 - 15.08)

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