Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park

The largest highland plateau in Northern Europe

Eidfjord is among Norway’s main tourist destinations. The village is surrounded by mountains up to 1,900 metres high, including the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. The adjacent Hardangervidda national park is part of northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau. There are unlimited walking possibilities on Hardangervidda. Norway’s National Trekking Association (DNT) operates a number of mountain huts on Hardangervidda, enabling walks to be planned over a period covering several days. A number of privately-owned guest houses and huts are also to be found on the mountain plateau.

Hardangervidda National Park is within the counties of Buskerud, Hordaland and Telemark - 3,422 km². Hardangervidda is Northern Europe’s most extensive highland plateau and Norway’s largest national park. The National Park is an exceedingly valuable highland area. It is home to the largest herds of wild reindeer in Europe and is the southernmost habitat of the snowy owl, the Arctic fox and other species of Arctic flora and fauna. Hardangerjøkulen glacier can be seen from various places near Eidfjord village centre. The glacier is one of the largest in Norway.

Hardangervidda, with its approx. 10,000 km2 is northern Europe's largest mountain plateau. Here you will find the largest national park with approx. 3400 km2. Hardangervidda National Park is an important high mountain area which has the largest wild population. Hardangervidda is also the southernmost outpost of the Arctic fox and many species of Arctic plants and animals. Hardangervidda is a paradise for hikers with a tent and fishing rod. The area is known for its fish-rich lakes and rivers with fine trout. There is a network of marked trails, serviced self-catering and service tourist cabins. It is also good opportunities for hunting on the plateau. Remember, fishing licenses and permits. Hjølmadalen in Upper Eidfjord or Tinnhølveien by Dyranut along Route 7 across Hardangervidda is the gateway to the park.

Eidfjord offers a unique nature. With large contrasts where you can experience the most and best of what Norway can offer. Large plateaus and high mountains. Deep blue-green valleys and fjords. Glaciers, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Lush fjord landscape of green pastures and white tops. Over 95% of the municipal area of approx. 1500 km2. Hardangervidda is Europe's largest mountain plateau and Norway's largest national park. The rest is about the beautiful and famous Hardangerfjord. Evidence of how people have utilised the natural resources is prominent on Hardangervidda in the form of paths, tracks, shelters and transhumance summer dairy farms. The hunting and fishing resources are still actively used by people living in the surrounding area.

The Hardangervidda National Park Route is the gateway to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. A significant portion of the Hardangervidda National Park located in Eidfjord. The park is the largest, and is an important value full mountain range. Europe's largest wild reindeer are based here, the plateau is also the southernmost outpost of the Arctic fox, snowy owl and many other Arctic animals. Plant life is extremely rich and we know approximately 360 flowering plants, 37 ferns and more one hundred species of mosses, lichens and fungi. In addition to national park Also Bjoreidalen and Veigdalen known for its rich bird and wild plant life. Also read: Hardangervidda mountain plateau at Hardangervidda Nature Center and museum, Eidfjord

There are many rivers, streams and lakes makes the plateau a mecca for people with fishing rods and tents. While fishing trout tastes fabulous well after a long day in the fresh mountain. Both fishing and hunting licenses for small game hunting can be a tourist cabins and tourist information to help you. If you want a big challenge, we recommend a trip to Hårteigen a famous landmark that can be seen from many parts of the plateau. Hårtei- gene is called "the gray wizard" because of its round shape in which the Towering 1690 meters. Sima with its 1863 meters. is also a worthy challenge. Wild, beautiful, endless Hardangervidda you all year round.

With a tent and a fishing rod
Hardangervidda is an eldorado for hikers with tents and fishing rods. The area is famous for its many lakes and rivers abounding in fine brown trout. There are numerous marked paths and a number of staffed lodges and selfservice huts. Hunting is permitted on Hardangervidda. Remember to have your fishing and hunting licenses.

Windy heaths
The variations in bedrock and climate mean that the vegetation varies from western to eastern parts of the plateau. Plants grow more vigorously in the west where there is more precipitation and a more even temperature. The eastern part is much less lush. Windy heaths are common in areas with little snow and poor bedrock.

The largest wild reindeer herds in Europe
Hardangervidda became ice free about 9000 years ago. Lichens began to grow on the bare ground, providing food for reindeer. Every spring, the large herds of wild reindeer migrate westwards from their winter grazing on the eastern part of the plateau to where high precipitation and nutrient-rich soils provide good summer grazing with succulent grass for both reindeer and domestic livestock. Early in May, the pregnant females reach their calving grounds in southern and western parts of the plateau. Disturbing them then may prove disastrous. The males and juveniles migrate to lower ground and graze in the birch woods.

The reindeer need to escape from mosquitoes and warble flies later in the summer, and several thousands may then gather on snowfields on higher ground. After the rutting period in autumn, the animals migrate eastwards again to the windy lichen heaths. The availability of winter grazing limits the size of the reindeer stock on Hardangervidda. The objective of the wild reindeer management is to stabilise the winter population to accommodate it to the grazing resources.

The flat landscape with its numerous lakes and wetlands distinguishes Hardangervidda from other mountainous areas in southern Norway. This habitat forms the basis for the largest and most important populations of many kinds of ducks and other wetland species in southern Norway. The breeding populations of black-throated divers, scaups, velvet scoters, common scoters, dotterels, Temminck’s stints, great snipes and shore larks are particularly valuable.

Visit Hardangervidda, where miles of trails await you, whether you prefer hiking, cycling or riding. Exciting museums tell the stories of the industrial rising, of the nuclear arms race and the saboteurs (made famous in the film “Heroes of Telemark), of Norwegian folk culture and arts. Enjoy elk safari and mountain cruises in spectacular scenery. Today it serves as a popular tourist destination for activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, and cross-country skiing. The national parks offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences. The natural surroundings are beautiful and varied. There is hunting, fishing, plants, birds, animals and cultural monuments. Hardangervidda Mountains Guide may help you to explore more.
Hardangervidda National Park - hiking

The Hardangervidda National Park - Tourist Information

Where: Odda, Ullensvang, Eidfjord, Hol, Nore & Uvdal, Tinn and Vinje municipalities in Hordaland, Telemark and Buskerud counties.
Foremost distinctions: Extensive plateaus, a great deal of use, especially in the past, wild reindeer.
Outdoor recreation: 7 staffed lodges, 5 self-service huts; good opportunities for long hikes, ski trips, hunting and fishing.
Winter Season: Easter
Summer Season: 1. July -15. September
Visitor centres
The national park has two visitor centres: the Hardangervidda Natursenter (Nature Centre) in Eidfjord, and the Hardangervidda Nasjonalparksenter (National Park Centre) in Tinn (temporarily closed, expected reopening 2010/2011) at Skinnarbu, near the lake Møsvatnet, the town Rjukan and the mountain village Rauland.

Hardangervidda National Park Map (click on the map to enlarge):
Hardangervidda National Park - Map

How to reach the Hardangervidda National Park

  • By train to Geilo, Ustaoset or Haugastøl.
  • By coach or car on Route 7 across Hardangervidda; several convenient stops and branch roads to the national park.
  • By car on Route 40 from Nore Uvdal to Geilo, several stopping places and branch roads to the national park.
  • By car on Route 364 to Tinn Austbygd, branch off to Breisetdalen and park at Stegaros or Synken; boat across Mårvatnet from Synken to Mårbu.
  • By car on Route 37 to Møsvatn and continue by boat to the lodge at Mogen.
  • By coach or car on E 134 from Haukeli to Jøsendal, several stops and branch roads to the national park.
  • By car from Jøsendal to Brimnes, several stops and branch roads to the national park.

Need to know:

  • You are a guest of nature in a national park. You may go wherever you like, on foot or ski, but the basic rule is that anything with an engine is prohibited.
  • You can stop wherever you like and pitch a tent. Always tidy up after yourself and don’t leave litter.
  • You can light a fire, but remember the general ban on lighting fires in forests from 15 April to 15 September. Be considerate when collecting firewood.
  • You can pick berries, mushrooms and common plants for your own use. Be considerate of cultural relics, vegetation and fauna. Be extra careful during the breeding and nesting season.
  • Make use of the hunting and fishing opportunities. Remember a hunting/fishing license. Never use live fish as bait, or transfer live fish from one watercourse to another.
  • You can take your dog with you, but remember to keep it on a lead from 1 April to 20 August.

Information on overnight accommodation and services:

Each municipality has a tourist information office.
Destinasjon Eidfjord AS, Tel +47 53 67 34 00 and www.visiteidfjord.no provide more general information.
Maps: Map for walkers and skiers: Hardangervidda 1:100 000, with the western and eastern parts on separate sides. Several 1:50 000 scale maps.
Designated: 1981
Area: 3422 km2
Adjacent protected areas: Skaupsjøen/Hardangerjøkulen Protected Landscape, Møsvatn Austfjell Protected Landscape, Bjoreidalen Nature Reserve.

National Park Centers:
Hardangervidda Natursenter, Eidfjord, Tel +47 53 66 59 00, www.hardangervidda.org
Hardangervidda Nasjonalparksenter, Møsvatn, Tel +47 35 09 57 00

Management and supervision:

  • County Governor of Hordaland, Tel +47 55 57 20 00
  • County Governor of Buskerud, Tel +47 32 26 66 00
  • County Governor of Telemark, Tel +47 35 58 61 00
  • Supervising Committee for Hardangervidda in Hordaland, Tel +47 53 67 15 00
  • Supervising Committee for Hardangervidda in Buskerud, Tel +47 32 74 27 00
  • Supervising Committee for Hardangervidda in Telemark, Tel +47 35 08 11 70
  • Norwegian Nature Inspectorate at Rødberg, Tel +47 32 74 46 85
  • Norwegian Nature Inspectorate at Skinnarbu, Tel +47 35 08 12 51
  • Norwegian Nature Inspectorate at Eidfjord, Tel +47 53 66 51 75
  • 7 municipalities and the local tourist offices in Hardanger: http://www.norwaves.com/tourist-offices-around-hardanger.html
  • Hardangervidda National Park Visitor Centre: http://www.nasjonalparksenter.no/hardangernps/en/
  • Hardangervidda National Park Official website: http://www.nasjonalparksenter.no/english
  • Norway Mountains Guide will help you to know all other Norwegian Mountains.

Hardangervidda mountain

Nearby Activities:

Vivelid Fjellstova
At the entrance to Hardangervidda National Park in the lush Veig Valley. The hosts have roots in Vivelid back to the 1700s. Sibling pair, and the artists Kari and Lars Vivelid raised in the oldest Vivelid house is in a conservation Process, Kari lodge.

New cruise over the 13 km long Halnefjorden to the border of Hardangervidda National Park.
From 11.07 to 16.08: Departure Halne at 10.00, 13.00 and 14.00.
Return from Sleipa / Skaupa 10:30,13.30 and 14.30
From 01.07 to 10.07 and from 17.08 to 06.09: Departure from Halne at. 13.00
Return from Sleipa / Skaupa at. 13.30
• Additional trips as necessary and deal.
• 22 passengers
• The opportunity to sit outside on the deck.
• A good starting point for walks on

Ticket price: Adults £ 170, - Children kr.85 -
(Under 12 years.) Roundtrip 250, - Children NOK 170, -.
Halnekongen, Halne Fjellstova
5785 Vøringfoss
Phone: 53 66 57 12 Fax: 53 66 50 83
E-mail: halnefj@online.no
Internet: www.halne.no

Stigstuv Turisthytta
Stigstuv located in Hardanger, Plateau National Park. Stigstuv located right on the divide between west and east, yet there are good opportunities for fishing. At the cabin, we sell fishing licenses, all fishermen over 16 years of age must have.

If you want to take a short afternoon, or maybe a little day trip, we recommend a trip on Stigstuvtuo. From Skaupsjønuten with its 1414 meters above sea level, has fantastic views over large parts of the plateau. 5 selected DNT trails lead to us.
• 30 beds
• Dinner and breakfast
• New drying and sanitation plant
• Sales of fish and small game cards
• Sale of beer and wine
Welcome to us for accommodation - Or day trips!
Stigstuv Turisthytta, 5783 Eidfjord
Phone: 1990 51 February 1992
E-mail: stigstuv@frisurf.no
Internet: www.hardangerviddanett.no/stigstuv
reindeer at Hardangervidda National Park

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