Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Cruise - The Viking Ship "Tyra"

Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Cruise - The Viking Ship "Tyra"

Come join us for a cruise on a real Viking ship! As you get to take on the role as an oarsman, you'll have to keep stroke with the other oarsmen.
Time, location and contact
Day: Every day
Time: 01.07.10 - 31.08.10
Location: Avgang frå Øystese Kyrkje
The Viking Ship "Tyra"
5610 Øystese
Phone: 975 25 515

Nearest Tourist Office:
Kvam Touris Office
Øystese sentrum
5610 Øystese
Phone: 56 55 59 10
Fax: 56 55 84 40

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