Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Cruise Forsiden - Tide Reiser

Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Cruise Forsiden - Tide Reiser

Tide Reiser is a part of the Tide group and we have offices all over Norway. offer you a wider selection of tours and adventures. Choose between overnight packages, day excursions, short trips and sightseeing tours whether you travel alone or with friends.

For the people at Tide, this has been the challenge since 1855. Get to know the different aspects of Norwegian daily life on our sightseeing tours, day excursions and overnight tours. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ensure its creator a design award. You can experience the coastal landscape onboard one of our boats or catamarans, giving you a first-hand view of the beautiful scenery. Hardangerfjord, famous for its beautiful surroundings and the Lysefjord with spectacular view from The Pulpit Rock. Through excursions, sightseeing and cruises you can experience the fjords getting narrower as they reach from coast to inland and enjoy the view of glaciers resting on mountains plunging into the fjord.

3 types tours

  • Tour 1. Touristferry on the Lysefjord
  • Tour 2. Fjord and mountain sightseeing
  • Winter sightseeing - Pulpit Rock Cruise

Location: BERGEN CITY CENTER, Bergen
Møllendalsveien 1a
5009 Bergen
Postal Address: Tide Reiser, postbox 6300 NO-5893 Bergen
Phone: 4755238700

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