Hardanger Fruit Trail

Hardanger Fruit Trail

There are various paths around Lofthus that make up the Fruit Trail, with interesting facts presented along the way on giant information boards. The walk is mostly along lanes, passing through the orchards. You can extend it to the Skrelhaugen Folk Museum, which is a collection of preserved wooden farm buildings. Some of the old wooden farm buildings in the folk museum, with earth roofs supporting grass, ferns and even small bushes!

Hardanger is a name that Norwegians associate with blossom and fruit, in truth the orchard of Norway. Here we can grow apples, pears, plums and even cheriies at 60°north. Ullensvang is the largest fruit-garden in Hardanger, with among 450.000 fruit trees. On the farm Opedal here in Lofthus, it all began, over 800 years ago.

Ullensvang has 600,000 fruit trees, and has truly earned the right to be known as “Norway's orchard”. Around 80% of Norway’s cherry production comes from this area. The season when the cherry trees are in flower is one of extreme scenic beauty. The fruit trail is about a 2-hour walk but can be broken up if you prefer.

Hardanger Fruit Trail takes you on a journey through the heart of Norwegian fruit production. Ramble through local roads and fruit gardens, where in total 10 signs containing information about fruit and local history are situated along the trail.

A brochure with a map guides you through the Fruit Trail. Map available at the tourist information Office.
Lofthus produces 80% of Norway’s fruit harvest, mostly apples but also pears, plums and cherries, apples on trees
Lofthus produces 80% of Norway’s fruit harvest, mostly apples but also pears, plums and cherries. apples on trees

Hardanger fruit

Morello cherries, apples, pears and plums have been grown in Hardanger since the monks introduced fruit farming in the 1200s. 40% of all fruit produced in Norway now comes from this region. Hardanger fruit is renowned for its fresh, tangy flavour, a result of the climate and soil type found in the area. Hardanger Apple, Hardanger Plum, Hardanger Pear and Hardanger Morello Cherries were designated "protected geographic names" in 2006.

Large areas are often covered by sheeting during the season to avoid the cherries splitting when it rains. The Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk) has a research station in Lofthus, Ullensvang, home to leading experts in fruit cultivation since 1949. Ullensvang is the largest fruit producing municipality in the country with over 500,000 fruit trees. The local sales organization for fruit, Hardanger Fjordfrukt at Utne, is the largest in Norway. Annual sales are more than 2,500 tons. If you visit Hardanger in late May or early June, you will be able to experience the fantastic fruit blossom the area is known for. During the season, you can buy fruit directly from the farm as many of them have small stalls along the roads. Fruit and fruit products are also sold in farm shops.



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Opening times
Day: Every day
Time: 01.01.08 - 01.01.09
Location: Lofthus, Ullensvang Herad

Hardanger Fruit Trail - Map
Hardanger Fruit Trail - map

Hardanger Fruit Trail
5781 Lofthus
Phone: 53 66 31 12
Fax: 53 66 32 03

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