Hardanger Active, Eidfjord

Hardanger Active, Eidfjord

New activities for children and adults in Eidfjord! Discover the nature, your creativity and the adventure in Norway through activities - a combination between nature, history and culture. Hardanger Active is proudly located in the Hardanger Fjord & Fjell region in southern Norway.

Hardanger Active has a range of activities for all ages. Try exciting Geo caching for children and adults or photography hike where you can learn how to take great photos with an experienced photographer.

Activities & Services offered by Hardanger Active:

  1. Geocoaching
  2. Photography hike
  3. GPS rental

Geocoaching for Children & Adults: A great family activity!

With geocoaching you get started with a GPS device. Using various coordination points, you will be looking for the hidden treasure or object. Geocoaching is exciting, adventurous and a nice way to be occupied in nature.


At its most basic level, geocaching is a game where players use GPS receivers to track down a container, or cache. Caches may contain any number of small items, or they may only contain a logbook for players to sign to mark their find.

Before the cache can be found, a route must be walked and sometimes a puzzle has to be solved to get the next coordinates.

We offer geocaching hikes for children and also for adults.

Geocaching for children (a perfect family activity!)

"Cache" the bird

This geocaching hike is for children.The children have to find the birds that live in Eidfjord and on the Hardangervidda. Each bird has a special birdhouse and one bird has a nice suprice.This geocaching hike is about 1 hour.

The price per child for geocoaching is 120 NOK, parents for free.
The geocaching hike is not possible with a own GPS.

Geocaching for adults

Discover Eidfjord with geocaching

This geocaching hike is for adults, a nice combination of hiking and geocaching. The hike is about 2 hours and leads you near the historical attractions and beautiful views in Eidfjord.

In this hike you need to calculate the coordinations yourself.

The price per hike is 150 NOK (without GPS, you use your own GPS)
The price per hike is 200 NOK (including GPS)

Photography hike

Take your ultimate picture with a professional photographer! The professional photographer gives you tips, examples and explanation in order to make the ultimate picture. By practicing on the spot, you can directly experience the result.

A hike (about 2 hour ) with a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the nature and the landscape. During the hike you get suggestions from Stephan how you can see and photograph the nature and landscape on another way. By practicing on the spot you can directly experience the result.

Stephan is a professional photographer, graduated in February 2009 at the school of Photography in Breda (the Netherlands)

If you want to join the photography hike you need to make a booking. Booking is possible by using the registration form or contact us by phone on phone number +47 46 92 17 91

Price per person 150 NOK

GPS rental:

Learn about hiking with GPS. A great way to experience nature!

Price for rental GPS per day 150 NOK
Price per week 400 NOK

Hardanger Active, Eidfjord - Map:
Hardanger Active - map

Distance from Eidfjord Port: 1km

Hardanger Active
5783 Eidfjord
Tel: (+47) 90603190
E-mail: info@hardangeractive.nl
Booking: www.hardangeractive.nl
Only booking in advance
Contact Eidfjord Tourist Information Office for more details.

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