Håkons hall sport centre at Lillehammer Olympic park

Håkons hall sport centre at Lillehammer Olympic park

Håkons Hall was the main venue for ice hockey during the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games. The Hall has a capacity of 9 000 spectators and today functions as a multi-purpose hall for a variety of sports. Håkons Hall was the main venue for ice hockey during the 1994 Winter Olympics as well as the venue for the Opening and Closing of the Paralympics. Today Håkons Hall is one of the world’s most flexible multi-use venues. The size of the hall, capacity and different use of rooms provides an excellent location for both large and small events with a variety of different activities and uses available.

Håkons Hall offers many attractions for tourists, and we would like to mention particularly the egg from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, the interior architecture of the hall, the world's most sophisticated mountaineering wall and a photo exhibition presenting all previous Norwegian Olympic and world championship gold medalists. Tourists can participate in a number of sports activities both summer and winter.

Håkons Hall is used for sports events and training; cultural activities as well as commercial events both during the summer as well as winter. Tournaments, dance galas, exhibitions, conferences, ‘kick-offs’, expositions, concerts and dinners for large or small numbers of guests – are organized with a flexibility that makes any size group feel at home. Ice is available on the rink as required. The fine architecture makes a perfect frame work around any event held at Håkons Hall.

Håkons hall sport centre with indoor golf centre (2 golf simulators and putting-green), mountaineering wall or climbing wall, well equipped fitness/weight lifting room, 2 squash courts, 2 handball courts, 6 volleyball courts, 6 badminton courts, table tennis and solarium, Youth Olympic Village Centre / Dining area.

Håkons Hall is a part of the Stampesletta Sports Park, an area that features buildings and venues are organized in unison with each other and the surrounding landscaped, both visually and functionally. Håkons Hall is located next to Kristins Hall and the two venues function as a portal to the landscaped areas surrounding the other venues, providing a framework that accentuates the total Stampesletta area.
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Hakons hall sport centre outer view

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