Hadeland Folkemuseum

Hadeland Folkemuseum

Cultural history museum. Includes burial mounds, rune stones, old buildings, varying exhibitions. Guided tours in the ancient church at Tinglestad. Several thousand years of history are gathered in one place.

Randsfjordmuseene is an organization consisting of Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum, Lands Museum and Hadeland Folkemuseum. The main focus of the three museums’ work is the natural and cultural history of Randsfjorden area, together with the adjoining municipalities of Gausdal, Nordre Land, Søndre Land, Gran Jevnaker and Lunner.

Hadeland Folkemuseum is a regional museum for Hadeland (Gran, Jevnaker and Lunner) founded in 1913 and located on the countryside in Gran township. The museum contains more than 30 buildings from the period 17th to 20th century and gives you a good impression of everyday life in the past. All the items in the museum are original and have been collected from farms in the area. Hadeland Folkemuseum are located close to Tingelstad old church, also known as St. Petri. The stone church was built around 1220 and known for its intact interior from the 16th and 17th century. The museum also consist a research center. Recearch Center/Family History Center contains photos, archive, artefacts as well as a library well suited for genealogists.

Interior exhibitions of cobbler and tailor workshop, mechanical looms, country stores and a dentist’s office from the 1950s and 1960s. Thematic exhibitions and shop with home industry and handicrafts. Guided tours.

The open air museum contains more than 30 buildings from the 17th to the 20th centuries and gives a good example of everyday life in the past. In the summertime you can walk around in our beautiful open air museum by yourself, or you can take a guided tour in some of the old houses or in Tingelstad old church. We also have areas for picnicking.

Admission - open air museum (open June - August)
Free entry Tuesday - Friday, guided tour: NOK 40,-
Entry Saturday-Sunday NOK 40,-/15,-
Group rates (over 15 persons) NOK 30,- per person. Please make appointment for groups in advance.

Hadeland Folkemuseum
Kongevegen 92
N-2770 Jaren
Phone: (+47) 61 31 32 80
Hadeland Folkemuseum - Children playing in beautiful open air museum

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