Gulden Kunstverk (Art Gulden)

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Gulden Kunstverk
Guldenveien 11 NO-3053
+47 32 23 62 80
+47 32 23 62 89
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Gulden Kunstverk (Art Gulden)

Gulden Kunstverks international web gallery. Find interesting and aesthetically beautiful art work for your home or office.

Gulden Kunstverk has been in the art business since 1985. For over 20 years the gallery has developed good working relationships with many of Norway’s finest visual artists. Have one of the best selections of contemporary art in the country. The Web Gallery you are visiting gives you insight in the art and the artists that are represent. Have chosen a selection of some of favorite artists, all of whom are emerging or well established professionals in Norway.

Gulden Kunstverk is founded, owned and operated by the Norwegian American Walter Welo. Gulden Kunstverk is located 55 km south of Oslo, between the cities of Drammen and Kongsberg. With its two galleries, Gulden has become a highly respected art institution in Norway, hosting fine art exhibitions throughout the entire year.

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