Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

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Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park
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Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park

The Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National park is one of the largest national parks in Norway. Here you can experience humid and majestic "fairytale" woods and high alpine mountains. The area is known for it's many vulnerable species (Bears - Ursus arctos, Wolverine - Gulo gulo, wolf and Lynx)

The possibilities for hunting and fishing are endless! To enter the national park, drive east, towards Lierne on RV 74, turn right at Trongen, or continue to Gosen at Lifjell.

General facilities:

  • Open all year
  • Nature and terrain
  • Cross-country skiing area,
  • Hiking area,
  • Water,
  • River,
  • Hunting,
  • Mountainous terrain,
  • Elk,
  • Rural,
  • Nature,
  • Water,
  • Geological finds,
  • View,
  • Mountains,
  • National park,
  • Mixed forest,
  • Birch and
  • Bog

In addition to the outdoors in and around the national parks the area has a range of sights worth seeing. All of the five Municipalities involved have gateways to the their own areas:

  • Lieme
  • Grong
  • Snasa
  • Steinkjer
  • Verdal

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