Glacier trekking in Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Park

Glacier trekking in Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Park

On the Jostedals Glacier and on other glaciers in Jotunheimen they arrange everything from advanced ice climbing ang glacier trekking courses to easy family expeditions in exciting blue ice formations. All you need is suitable footwear and a desire for a unique experience. Everything from day trips to complete packages with mountain walks, glacier trekking, rafting etc. Special arrangements for businesses and other groups.

Lillehammer is not just for great winter sports ­ they have a lot to offer your groups in the summer as well!

The Norwegian Mountain Museum at Jotunheimen National Park

  • Downhill biking
  • ATV excursions through the forests and mountains
  • Climbing Park
  • Summer bob on the Olympic bobsledding run
  • Bicycle tour
  • Canoeing
  • Train connection from Oslo Airport to Lillehammer

Jotunheimen - Europe's wildest Mountains

In the central Norway, about 120 kms in straight air direction north-west of Lillehammer, you will be in the core of the wildest and most arctic mountain area in Europe, Jotunheimen (Home of the Jotuns. Jotuns are figures from the old Nordic mythology). This vast area, with a whole lot of peaks stretching more than 2000 meters above sea level – in a landscape covered by glaciers and eternal snow as well as birch covered valleys, green lakes and roaring rivers and waterfalls – is today a national park.

The Jostedalsbreen National Park surrounds Jostedalsbreen, which is the largest glacier on European continent. Together with this big plateau glacier, there are many smaller separate glaciers. The valley of Jostedalen was mainly shaped by glacial erosion. The glacier, fractured underneath, changed the valley’s shape, forming hanging valleys, cirques and mountain passes that altered the ancient shapes. Jostedalsbreen, with its 487 km2, is the largest ice sheet in continental Europe. The glacier covers mountains, and gives name to glacial arms or tongues.

Temperatures and water have sculpted the eternal ice. Since 1987, the Jostedalen Glacier Guides has organized adventure trips, from easy family tours across the blue ice of the glacier Nigardsbreen, to more demanding climbs. Throughout the summer, they offer several different hikes daily. They have also basic and advanced glacierand climbing courses. If you would like your own guide or are interested in a custom-made tour across a glacier or in the mountains, you can contact them at the parks tourist office.

The western border of this wilderness is constituted by Jostedalsbreen (The Jostedal Glacier) – the largest glacier on the European mainland. This glacier is about 90 kms long – and its distance from Galdhøpiggen in central Jotunheimen is about 80 kms. You may also trek along the more than 1800 meter tall top plateau of Jostedalsbreen, but in this case you should be part of a group, led by an experienced glacier guide. If you choose to do so, you will have an experience for life – especially if you also include ice climbing on one of the glacier tounges which stretch down to the green and flourishing valleys below.

Glacier hikes

  • FAMILY WALK appr. 1 hour on ice (very easy)
  • BLUE ICE WALK appr. 3 hours on ice (middle +)
  • SHORT BLUE ICE WALK appr. 2 hours on ice (middle)
  • SPECIAL BLUE ICE WALK appr. 5 hours on ice (middle ++)

Tour Operator

Jostedalen Breførarlag Ltd. is a mountaineering company and offer guiding and instruction services on glaciers and alpine climbing. Established in 1987 - arrange a wide range of guided hikes, ski tours and courses on glaciers and in the high mountains of the Jostedalsbreen and the Jotunheimen National Park. The main attraction is the blue ice walks on the Nigardsbreen but also glacier and climbing courses, skitrips on the Jostedalsbreen and trekking tours in Jotunheimen are popular.
Jostedalen Breførarlag AS
N-6871 Jostedal
Tel: +47 576 83 111

The Golden Route also offers Glacier trekking in this area. Details at

Potential risks

Jostedalsbreen has long been regarded as an attractive area for hikers. However, the glacier crossing requires knowledge, expertice and proper equipment, walking on the glacier is highly dangerous.

How to get there

Jostedalen is a 50 km long valley stretching from the Sognefjord to the northern end of the Jostedal Glacier, between this giant glacier in the west and the alpine peaks of the Jotunheimen Mountains in the east.

Gudbrandsdal road: Drive route E6 to Otta (pass Lillehammer), then route 15 to Lom, then route 55 to Gaupne, pasing by the amazing Sognefjell Mountain, and the inner section of the Sognefjord, and finally route 604 to Jostedalen.

Practical information

Peer Gynt Skiing and Summer Arena.
Tel: +47 61 29 85 28
Fax: +47 61 29 85 20

Tel: +47 61 21 11 55
Fax: +47 61 21 17 98

Glacier Team
Tel: +47 57 72 81 33/
Fax: +47 57 72 81 33

Jostedal Glacier National Park - Jostedalsbreen-Sognefjord
Breheimsenteret (the Glacier Visitor Centre)

6871 Jostedal
Tel 57 68 32 50
Fax 57 68 32 40
Jostedals Glacier and on other glaciers in Jotunheimen, Jostedal, Lillehammer

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