Getting Hardangerfjord By Air

Getting Hardangerfjord By Air

Here you will find airline companies that are flying to Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger. Click on the links to get connected to the airline website where you will find the flight information you will need.

Bergen Airport, Flesland

Domestic direct flights: Bodø (SAS) - Fagernes ( SAS) - Florø (DAT) - Haugesund (SAS ) - Kristiansand (SAS ) - Kristiansund (Coast Air) - Molde (SAS) - Oslo (Norwegian,SAS Braathens) - Sandefjord Torp  (SAS ) - Skien (Coast Air,DAT) - Stavanger (SAS, Widerøe) - Tromsø (SAS  - Trondheim (SAS ) - Ålesund (SAS )

International direct flights: Aberdeen (Widerøe) - Alicante (Norwegian, Sterling Airlines) - Amsterdam (KLM) - Berlin (Norwegian) - Billund (Cimber) - København (SAS ,Widerøe) - Dubrovnik (Norwegian) - Edinburg (Widerøe) - Hamburg (Norwegian) - Helsinki (Finnair) - London (Norwegian,SAS ) - Malaga (Norwegian,Sterling Airlines) - Manchester (Norwegian,Widerøe) - Murcia (Norwegian) - Newcastle (Jet2,Widerøe) - Nice (Norwegian) - Paris (Norwegian,SAS Braathens) - Praha (Norwegian) - Riga (Air Baltic) - Roma (SAS) - Salzburg (Norwegian) - Stockholm (Fly Nordic,SAS )

International hubs: København (SAS) - Amsterdam (KLM) - London (Norwegian,SAS ) - Oslo (Norwegian,SAS )

Haugesund Airport, Karmøy

Domestic direct flights: Bergen (SAS ) - Oslo (SAS) - Sandefjord Torp
International direct flights: London (Ryanair)

Stavanger Airport, Sola

Domestic direct flights: Bergen (Air Europe,SAS ,Widerøe) - Kristiansand (SAS) - Sandefjord Torp (Widerøe) - Oslo (SAS ,Norwegian) - Kristiansund (City Star Airline) - Stord

International direct flights: Aberdeen (City Star Airlines, SAS, Widerøe) - Alicante (Sterling Airlines) - Amsterdam (KLM) - Billund (DAT) - Esbjerg (DAT) -Frankfurt (Lufthansa) - Graz (Welcome Air) - Gøteborg (Welcome Air) - Hanover (Welcome Air) - Innsbruck (Welcome Air) - København (SAS ) - London (SAS ) - Newcastle (Widerøe)

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