General Info about Norwegian Mountains

Are there really mountains in Norway?

Yes, there are! As the only country in Northern Europe, most of Norway consists of mountain areas. Central- and western South-Norway as well as virtually all of Northern-Norway are giant mountain-areas with inhabited valleys and fjord-areas in between. It should be obvious that the possibilities for mountaineering in this country are endless.

The purpose of this guide is to give an introduction to the most important mountain areas in Norway. In the 'Areas' section, you will find this as well as route maps and information about possible routes in each area. Moreover, a database over mountain lodges in Norway is included. At last but not least; there is a database over descriptions of tours in Norway. You can submit your own additions to both these databases.

General Info about Norwegian Mountains.

In this section, you will find a lot of general information, that apply to all Norwegian Mountain areas, as well as some information about travellling in Norway. Such info should make it easier for you to plan your next mountain tour in the Norwegian mountains. Welcome to Norway!

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Protection of Nature in Norway

Lodging in Norwegian Mountains

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Safety First Before You Hike Norwegian Mountain

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