Gammeltunet Hanshus (Landscape)

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Gammeltunet Hanshus
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Gammeltunet Hanshus (Landscape)

Experience traditional Norwegian architecture first-hand at Old Hanshus Farmstead with it seven listed buildings.

Old Hanshus Farmstead is situated in a traditional farming landscape surrounded by mountains, plains, forests and birch-studded mountain pastures. The municipality of Midtre-Gauldal offers many alternatives for recreation and nature hikes. The landscape has an abundant plant and animal life.

Here you can commune with nature in peaceful surroundings, or if you wish, take part in organized outdoor activities. There are trout and salmon in the lakes and rivers. Fishing and hunting top the list of popular activities. Hiking tours that take you to interesting historical sites and old mountain grazing farms are recommended for all outdoor lovers.

The Gauldalsvidda plateau beckons with its new Forollhogna National Park and adjacent wildlife preserve areas. But the opportunities for hiking and berry picking are the same as before. You might even get a glimpse of Norway’s most productive herd of wild reindeer and several other endangered species, among them the arctic fox.

A good example of the old Norwegian building traditions can be experienced at Old Hanshus with its seven buildings protected by law.

The main building at Old Hanshus are available for guests for accommodation and holidays throughout the year.

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