Gamle Bergen Museum - Museum of old Bergen

Gamle Bergen Museum - Museum of old Bergen

Outdoor museum with over 40 Bergen style wooden houses along streets, market places and alleys and with interiors from the time of our great grandparents and great-great-grandparents. Bergen is known for its old wooden houses, and at the Old Bergen Museum there is a whole cluster of them. Some of them are on their original sites, but the majority have been moved from other parts of Bergen.

Once Bergen was Europe’s largest city consisting of wooden houses, and its busy, steep and densely built-up streets, squares and alleyways gave it a unique character. There are also few large towns and cities that have experienced as many major fires as Bergen has. The appearance of the city has changed on many occasions, often amidst great drama. At other times old houses have been replaced by new buildings and major redevelopments.

Here they have been rebuilt along streets, alleys and on squares, just as they would have been 100 - 200 years ago. Their reconstructed interiors are from our forefather´s times, several generations past. Here time has been allowed to stand still, and we can experience the life of the rich merchant or the poor maidservant, the young baker or the ageing offical, or of the dentist and his patient to name but a few.

Old Bergen Museum, situated adjacent to the Elsesro Estate, is a picturesque collection of these town houses from the 18th and 19th century for instance there are exhibits showing a bakery, dentist, photographer, watchmaker, shopkeeper, official and a sailor. All the buildings are furnished according to fashions at that time.
Bergen is known for its old wooden houses, and at the Old Bergen Museum there is a whole cluster of them.
In the museum, time has been permitted to stand still, and you can experience the life of the wealthy merchant, the poor maid, the young baker, the dentist and his patient to mention a few. The museum area and the idyllic park from the early 19th century is open all year free of charge.

You will of course not meet these in person, but the thousands of items they left behind tell us something about how they lived, at home and at work, through everyday life as well as special occasions, through sorrow and joy.

You cannot meet them personally, of course, but see instead all the thousands of things they have left behind which can tell us how they lived in everyday life as well as on special occasions. Welcome to Bergen´s past! Open daily 12th May - 1st September with guided tours on the hour every hour, the first at 10.00 and the last at 17.00. To enter the houses, one must take part in a guided tour. Guided tours every hour. Groups by appointment. Restaurant - Gamle Bergen Tracteursted.

Adults - NOK 70
Students - NOK 35
Children - free

Gamle Bergen Museum - Museum of old Bergen
Nyhavnsveien 4
5042 Bergen, Tracteursted
Elsero in Sandviken (Close to the Bergen center)
Telephone: 55 39 43 00
Fax: 55 39 43 01
Email: or
Gamle Bergen Museum inside - picturesque collection of these town houses from the 18th and 19th century

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