Fossheim, Lom


"Beautifully crafted timber houses built in the centuries old local building traditions, together with arts and antiques, combine in creating an authentic and congenial atmosphere here which you will appreciate. We are proud of our kitchen and at Fossheim you will enjoy really excellent meals based on first-class traditional raw materials, and prepared under the direction of our Chef, Arne Brimi. We look forward to welcoming you to a table. "

Svein Garmo and family

Fossheim is centrally located in Lom, a natural base and starting point for the many attractions this area has to offer. The semiprecious stone centre is both fascinating and instructive and semi-precious stones are on sale. The centre also holds courses in stone grinding, and cookery and wine courses are held regularly at the hotel. A short walk from Fossheim you will find the magnificent wooden Stave Church which dates back to the year 1170. The Norwegian Mountain Museum, the Local Museum and other attractions are also nearby.

Fossheim Stone Centre - Museum and Exhibitions

Fossheim Stone Centre is a museum of geology with jewellery gallery, shops and workshop. With Norway’s largest selection of minerals and semi-precious stones, there is a great deal to see and buy here. Home of various sculptures, permanent exhibitions, guided tour by appointment, geology, gallery, exhibition and craft.
Fossheim Stone Centre - Museum and Exhibitions
In Holo they sell stone art of all types: framed sheets of stone, decorative stone and light fountains. We have a large selection of fossils – remains from a long-ago world. In The Tunnel you can see stone-age implements (yes, they are real!) and copies of Viking weapons and tools. Is it a mammoth tooth or a stone chess piece?

Fossheim Turisthotell and restaurant

When you come here we want you to feel that you are visiting our home. At Fossheim we are concerned with upholding traditions. Originally a coaching house, opened in 1897 by the Garmo family, Fossheim can now accommodate about 100 people. Hotel host and wine-lover Svein Garmo is a third-generation owner at Fossheim, and together with his daughters and the staff he wishes you a heartfelt welcome. Good food is a feature of Fossheim. Its cuisine has been developed over many years, with Norwegian tradition and good produce at its heart.

The Herb Garden is outside area. Weather permitting, it is open for light meals, salads or something sweet. How about a glass of rosé wine whilst enjoying the sunset over Skim? Open daily 12.00 – 22.00 during the season.

Fossheim is a superb starting point for mountain hikes and tours to the fjords. The road past the hotel gate branches off in Lom to Stryn and Geiranger leading to the most famous fjords on the west coast. The other road towards the west leads to the beautiful valley of Bøverdalen, the Jotunheimen mountains and Galdhøpiggen, Norway's highest peak, across the Sognefjell mountains and Fanaråken and down to the Sognefjord.

At Fossheim our aim is to make you feel really at home when you visit us. You will find that these old houses have a relaxing effect on both body and soul. And with the philosophy of Arne Brimi in the kitchen, plenty of attractions both outdoors and indoors, we know you will have some pleasant memories to take home with you.

Welcome to Fossheim.

Address and Contact:
2686 Lom
tel. 61 21 10 05
fax. 61 21 15 10

Fossheim Stone Center
N-2686 Lom, Jotunheimen
Tel. +47 612 11460

Fossheim Turisthotell
2688 Lom, Jotunheimen
Phone: +47 61 21 95 00
Fax: +47 61 21 95 01
Fossheim Turisthotell and restaurant - opened in 1897 by the Garmo family, Fossheim

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