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Norway is bounded by Sweden, Finland and Russia to the East, The Arctic Ocean to the North, the Atlantic Ocean (the North Sea) to the East, and Denmark to the south (sea border). "Norway" means the way to the north.

Midnight Sun

The city Tromsø is north of the Arctic circle. In the summer, the sun never sets north of the Arctic circle. That "phenomena" is called midnight sun.


The many fjords in Norway were made during the ice age- or rather when the ice melted and carved out the mountains.

Capital Oslo (1.4 million )
Government Constitutional and parliamentary monarchy
Area 323,877 sq km 
 (125,050 sq mi)
Population 4,769,274
Population density 12/km2 (202nd)
Urban - rural breakdown: Urban 72%, Rural 28% 
Largest cities Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim
Highest point Mt. Galdhøpiggen- 2,469m (8,100ft) above sea level
Religions Norwegian Evangelical Lutheranism (89%) 
Other (11%) including other Protestant denominations
Official language Norwegian
Other languages Sami

More info: http://www.ssb.no/beftett_en/main.html

The area covered by Norway is roughly the same as that of Great Britain, Italy or Japan. You will appreciate that with a population of only 4.3 million, we have plenty of space compared with many other countries. More info: follow this link
Norwegian Geography
Norway at a glance

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