The Every Man's Right

The Every Man's Right means that everybody has the right to go everywhere in the Norwegian Nature. This right is internationally unique. In other countries the owner of the ground usually can disallow people walking on his ground if that's what he want.
From The Law of Outdoor Activities.

Definitions of cultivated and non-cultivated area.

As cultivated area are in this law reckoned build areas and yards around them, production fields, planted forest and other areas alike where the entry of people undoubtedly would be troublesome for the owner or user. Small areas without production that are next to cultivated areas, or fenced in with such are also regarded as cultivated areas. This goes also for areas for industrial or other special purpose where entry of people undoubtedly would be troublesome for owner, user or others.

As non-cultivated area is in this law meant areas without production which is not regarded as cultivated area.

Entry of non-cultivated area

In a non-cultivated area anyone can enter on foot all of the year, as long as it is with care.

This also goes for entry with horse, sled, bicycle and such on roads and paths in non-cultivated areas and everywhere in non-cultivated areas in the mountains as long as the owner has not made this forbidden in certain areas with the permission of the department of Outdoor Activities.

Entry of cultivated area

In cultivated areas, anyone can enter on foot in the time of the year when the ground is frozen or covered with snow, but not in the time from 30. of April to 14. of October. This right is not for yard or built area, fenced garden or park or other specially-purpose fences area where the entry of people at winter-time surely would be troublesome for owner or user.


Area for camping must not be taken in cultivated area without permission from the owner.

In non-cultivated area camping must not be done in ways that can be troublesome for others. Camping must not be done where it can do harm to wood. Tent must not be set up so close to house or cabins that it can disturb the peace of those who live there, and at least not closer than 150 meters. The rules of distance to houses do not apply for areas specially made for tenting.

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