Elvadalen - The Waterfalls

Elvadalen - The Waterfalls

Trail leading along the river Opo. At the very end of the valley you can experience the waterfalls at close range. Bjødnebøkse is situated on the left hand sidde. Skrikjo, situated on the right side has a fall of about 400 m. Approx. 1 1/2 hrs walk from Lofthus. Map at the tourist office. Lofthus, Ullensvang Area Hardangerfjord (Hardanger Fjord) Mountain Hiking, Strolling, Day or Several Days Excursion - Hiking tours with or without guide. The waterfall trail consists of 8 information panels regarding water power, the National Park and cultural history in general. Four magnificent waterfalls within 3 hrs walk along good trails in wonderful nature.

The River Opo is formed from two streams, both of which have waterfalls in their upper reaches. Those on the valley to the right (looking upstream) have enormous drops, but one never really gets close enough to appreciate their scale. The Bjødnejykse drops 650m (the third highest in Norway) and the Skrikjo about 400m. Were it not for the rock step separating them this would be the highest fall in Norway, at over 1000m. The other tributary has smaller but still impressive falls.

If the river is swollen by mountain run-off while you are there, stop and listen where the road is near the river. At times of flood there is ”stein- gang” or ”stonewalking” in the river, as the water moves boulders in the riverbed downstream, eventually all the way to the fjord. As you return from the bridge, turn left and climb up Tveitabrekka. This is the steepest climb of the walk. After this climb the terrain levels off and you are among well-tended fields and pastures, which collectively are called Tveitane. This area was cultivated quite recently and is a valuable addition to the resource base of several of the farms in Lofthus. In the distance you can see the rivers Skrikjo and Opo cascading down the mountain to their confluence at the end of the valley. These waterfalls are particularly beautiful when seen from the open landscape of Tveitane, and as you approach the falls and the bridge below, the impressive view is gradually amplified.

When you look up the valley, the Skrikjo waterfall (same name as the river) is to the right. The river Opo approaches from the left, cascading through several waterfalls (Melafossen, Bjødnabykse and the Opo-Falls). In the old days there was a mountain shealing with pastures for goats and some hayfields in the steep area between the rivers. The remains of building-foundations still bear witness to the frugality of earlier generations and to their ability to survive on limited resources. You ought to stop here for a moment and absorb the impression of wild rivers and mountains, the roaring of the waterfalls and the rainbows in the spray. An experience long remembered.

Combine the fruit trail walk with the Elvadalen river valley walk which leads along the river Opo. At the very end of the valley, you can experience the waterfalls at close range. Bjødnebøkse is situated on the left hand side and on the right hand side, at 400 meters, youʼll have Skrikjo. The walk takes about 2 hours (round trip).

Visit Husedalen – a beautiful valley in the heart of Hardanger concealing four extraordinary waterfalls. Along the trail you will find eight decorative and informative displays, themed around the local history and natural heritage of Kinsarvik, the Hardangervidda plateau, and the unique Husedalen. With the centre of Kinsarvik as the starting point, the route leads all the way up to the national park border and reservoir inlet of the Tveitafoss power station. The walk takes about 3 hours (roundtrip).

Location: Lofthus, Ullensvang

Elvadalen - The Waterfalls - Map
Elvadalen - The Waterfalls map

Elvadalen - The Waterfalls
5781 Lofthus
Phone: 53 66 31 12
The River Opo is formed from two streams, both of which have waterfalls in their upper reaches

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