Edvard Grieg Museum, Troldhaugen

Edvard Grieg Museum, Troldhaugen

Grieg composed many of his most popular works while he lived at Troldhaugen, 1885-1907. The museum arranges a series of concerts during the summer and autumn. More info about

Edvard Grieg - A composer of classical music

The museum comprises the composer Edvard Grieg’s villa from 1885, the composer’s hut, the tomb, the concert hall “Troldsalen” and an exhibition building with shop and restaurant. In June, July and August concerts are held every Saturday at 1400 and every Sunday and Wednesday at 1800. There is a free bus service to all our summer concerts. The bus departs from the tourist information in Bergen one hour before the concert starts, and returns to the city centre after the concert.

Edvard and Nina Grieg lived in this house on Troldhaugen from 1885 - Edvard to his death in 1907 and Nina until 1919 when she sold the house. After Griegs death, Nina only spent a few weeks in the summer at Troldhaugen.

Today the house (villa) is the second most important part of the museum, the most important is of course the music of Edvard Grieg.

After walking past Troldsalen You will see the small cabin where Grieg used to do his creative work. It had a sofa, a piano and other necessary items.
Grieg used to keep this small frog in his pocket
Grieg used to keep this small frog in his pocket, and he rubbed it for good luck before entering the podium as a pianist or a conductor.

Every night before he went up to the Villa he left a piece of paper on top of his notes, begging a possible intruder to leave the notes alone, since "..they are only valuable to Edvard Grieg".

The villa, the concert hall and Lifesize statue of Edvard Grieg
Seen from the entrance, a beautiful summers day, Troldsalen looks like this. If You continue straight ahead, You will find a small path leading down to the composer´s cabin. To the right, facing the entrance, stands Ingebrigt Viks famous statue of Edvard Grieg. In the villa’s living room stands Grieg’s Steinway grand piano, which Grieg was given as a silver wedding anniversary present in 1892. Today the instrument is used for private concerts, special occasions and intimate concerts held in connection with Bergen International Festival. The concert hall, Troldsalen, offers concert series in the summer and autumn months, as well as many other concerts and events. Inside there might be a concert You can attend (annually more than 300 concerts are arranged at Troldhaugen). In the lobby You can also buy CDs, books etc.

This statue was made by the famous artist Ingebrigt Vik ,from Øystese ,in 1914. The size is 1:1, which shows how shortGreig was, only 152cm (5ft). It can be seen outside the entrance of Troldsalen.
nina portrett
Grieg dedicated his 3rd Violin Sonata to Lenbach, as a recognition for the portrait of Nina, a painting Edvard thought was the most beautiful portrait he had of his wife. The portrait of himself Grieg neither wanted to have nor see, thus the painting was never at Troldhaugen in Griegs time.

Edvard og Nina Grieg´s grave
Edvard Grieg: June 15th 1843 - September 4th 1907
Nina Grieg (born Hagerup): November 24th 1845 - December 9th 1935

In a cliff close to the Villa, facing the water, lays the grave of Edvard & Nina Grieg. The grave is in a little cave in the rock 5-6 metres above the ground, but is visible from the path leading down from the Villa to the water.

01.05 – 30.09: Daily 0900-1800
01.10 – 30.04: Daily 1000-1600
Closed during Christmas and New Year.
Price: 60,- (a), 50,- (g), 30,- (s), children free
Guide: N, GB, D, F, E, Rus
Situated: From Bergen centre, 8 km

Edvard Grieg Museum, Troldhaugen
N-5232 Paradis-Bergen.
Tel: +(47) 55 92 29 92,
Fax: +(47) 55 92 29 93
E-mail: info@troldhaugen.com
Internet: http://www.kunstmuseene.no/Default.asp?enhet=troldhaugen&sp=2
or visit: http://www.bergenartmuseum.no/default.asp?enhet=troldhaugen&sp=2
The Grieg Archives in The Bergen Public Library: http://www.bergen.folkebibl.no/grieg-samlingen/engelsk/grieg_intro_eng.html
Edvard Grieg’s villa, the tomb, the concert hall “Troldsalen” and an exhibition building with shop and restaurant
Life size statue of Edvard Grieg
Life size statue of Edvard Grieg
Troldsalen concert hall
Troldsalen concert hall
The composer´s cabin
The composer´s cabin

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