East Norway

East Norway

From Oslo we now travel inland to Kongsberg. In the winter Konsberg has a lot to offer for skiers, there are several skilifts in the area as well as great conditions for cross-country skiing. Kongsberg has, because of its great skiing conditions, raised several Olympic winners in skiing.
Kongsberg ski
The city have a lot of engineering industry developing products for aircraft's, automotive, space, marine, and offshore/ oil industry. The city grew up during 300 years of silver mines activities. A lot of monuments/ museum and mines are still available for tourist.
silver mines museum in Kongsberg
If you visit Kongsberg during the summer time you can visit some of the silver mines wich put Kongsberg on the map in the 17th and 18th century. The silver mines are now only used for tourist tours, and Kongsberg is now become one of the leading technology cities in Norway. (For more information about Kongsberg look here.)
river Kongsberg
This is the river that divides Kongsberg in two, east and west. Right now the river is quite big because the snow has started to melt in the mountains causing lots of water to fill it up. What looks like fog in the picture is actually water being thrown up into the air from the rapids.

Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Olympics. The small town on the shore of Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake, has become the most popular tourist attraction after they received the Winter Olympics.
Lillehammer is not only sport arenas, it is beautifully located on the shore of Mjosa and has several cultural attractions as well. (For more information about Lillehammer take a look here.)

About 100km further south, a beautiful port named Horten is situated. With its many beaches and harbors, Horten is a popular place to visit in the summer. Tourists stay here to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere or to visit some of the many museums. The automotive- or photograph museum, are the most popular. Horten also have a huge amount of electronic companies, and are therefore given the nickname "Norways Silicon Valley." Here it is The Horten Canal.
Horten Canal
As we travel south along the Norwegian coast we can visit small towns and villages. On our left we now have the Lyngør island community. Lyngør is only one of many towns along the coast where you can enjoy warm summer days in Norway. The whitewashed houses, bedecked in roses, are typical for this region.

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