Dyranut Fjellstove

Dyranut Fjellstove

Dyranut Fjellstove is the highest situated mountain lodge at route 7 (1245 metres above sea level). In addition to magnificent nature, hunting and fishing, you can get accommodation and good food by us. Look for our landmark, the troll, and visit the highest situated mountain lodge by the main road.

At Dyranut Fjellstova you will be served homemade, traditional food, with ingredients from the very mountain plateau. At the menu you will among other dishes find reindeer, trout and cloudberries, prepared according to the family's own recipes. Dyranut Fjellstova is ideal for parties and anniversaries, and it is also very suitable for meetings and seminars.

In the cafe, "Susaren", you may relax while enjoying your food and the view. "Susaren" takes 80 persons, and is traditionally built with fireplace and long, wooden tables. We also serve outdoor, max capacity 20 persons. Excellent Mountain lodge.

Dyranut Fjellstove Map:
Dyranut Fjellstove - Map

Dyranut Fjellstove
5785 Vøringsfoss
Phone: 53 66 57 16
Internet: http://www.dyranut.com/

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