Dog-team sleigh riding

Dog-team sleigh riding

Dog-team sleigh riding at Sjusjøen Throughout the winter season Husky Sledeturer offers both shorter and longer dog-team tours starting from Sjusjøen. An opportunity for an exceptional experience in beautiful scenery. Two persons get their own dog team and have the responsibility of taking on and off the harness and place the dogs in front of the sled (accurate instruction is a matter of course).

Not quite in polar explorer style - but still a fantastic experience when you feel the sled dogs’ energy and strength as you fly across the snow! Sleigh rides with or without catering, dog sled rides and tobogganing are just some of the adventures available. Separate activity program for the Christmas, winter and Easter holidays.

  • Short tour, 45 minutes, NOK 180.- per person
  • Half-day tour, three hours, NOK 450.- per person
  • All-day tour, NOK 950.- per person including hot meal
  • All-day tour including ice fishing, NOK 1,100.- per person
  • Two-day course in dog-team handling with overnight stay in heated tent (open fire), NOK 2,100.-, including meals and diploma.
  • Three-day tour, NOK 3,600.-*
  • Four-day tour, NOK 4,800.-*

** These tours start in the Rondane mountains and finish at Sjusjøen. Accommodation in chalets. Season: from weeks 7 - 17. For further information or booking please contact Husky Sledeturer/Dog Sled-Tours, 2616 Sjusjøen. Tel: 94 32 44 12, 96 52 12 31.

Dog-team sleigh riding at Hafjell By request the following are offered: Short trips, half-day tours and all-day tours, as well as overnight tours where the participants are able to drive their own dog team.

Practical Information
Further information from
Sjusjøen Fritid
Trond Lunde
N-2612 Sjusjøen
Phone: +(47) 62 36 34 05
Øyer Tourist Information Office. Tel: 61 27 79 50
Mobile: +(47) 91 73 33 84

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