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De Internasjonale Kirkefestspill (International Church Music Festival)

De Internasjonale Kirkefestspill (International Church Music Festival) The International Church Music Festival, the oldest church music festival which turns 40, was founded by then church organist Bjarne Sløgedal in the southern town of Kristiansand in 1971. who also directed the Kristiansand cathedral choir became a proud tradition in southern Norway

Nordic Choice Hotels

Nordic Choice Hotels At first, it is hard to understand why the promotional video of the new Comfort Hotel Square in Stavanger, Norway shows pictures of Times Square in New York, apart from a slight similarity in names. But then it is revealed that the hotel offers “exciting art from New York.” And …well …that’s still...

Kafé Kippers

Kafé Kippers At Kafé Kippers, you can shell fresh shrimps to the sound of seagull’s crying and waves breaking as the sun sets over the island of Askøy. The café is in an old sardine plant which is now a hotbed of music, film and theater, where you’re guaranteed to meet cool people.

Skansen Pensjonat

Skansen Pensjonat This little, family run bed and breakfast is high on enjoyment and low on cost. It’s a few minutes’ walk from the downtown fish market, and known for its good breakfasts. Ask for a room with a balcony so you can enjoy the view.

Håkonshallen Hall

Håkonshallen Håkon’s Hall just turned 750 years old. It was the site of a royal wedding for 2,000 guests in the year 1261 when the king’s son Magnus Håkonsson Laga-bøte married the Danish princess Ingeborg. The hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower are open daily.

Rauma River, Romsdalen Valley

Rauma River, Romsdalen Valley Norway’s best paddling river. Nice, big rapids are lined up along the two sections that can be paddled. The great natural beauty there completes the experience.

Sjoa River, Gudbrandsdalen Valley

Sjoa River, Gudbrandsdalen Valley A varied kayaking river, with four paddling stretches. All in all, there is almost 30 kilometers (18 miles) of untouched whitewater, suitable for both beginners and those with experience.

Gulen Township, Sogn & Fjordane

Gulen Township, Sogn & Fjordane Ship wreck diving from the Second World War is Gulen’s biggest attraction specially brings a lot of international divers here. The SS Frankenwald was named Norway’s best wreck dive.

Raundalselva and Strandaelva Rivers, Voss Rafting

Raundalselva and Strandaelva Rivers, Voss Rafting Raundalselva snakes through untouched nature far from people, and offers technically demanding rafting though endless rapids. Strandaelva follows the road and offers steeper sections with “breaks” between battles.

Kristiansund Township, Nordmøre District

Kristiansund is on three islands at the other edge of two big fjord systems. Billions of cubic meters of water run past every day creating a very rich fish life. There is also coral at accessible depths.


Sognefjord Off Norway’s westernmost point, nature is wild and pristine, but with tough weather conditions. It is an exciting but challenging place for free diving.

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands Way out on Lofoten archipelago is the fishing village of Reine. The ocean offers everything from sandy expanses to kelp forests. There are also frisky under­water currents and plenty of fish.

Hotel Alexandra

Hotel Alexandra Hotel Alexandra is located in the town of Loen, on the inner reaches of Nordfjord, a breathtaking scene of glittering turquoise lakes, cascading waterfalls, magnificent glaciers and steep mountains. Activities you may go for: Hiking Biking Fishing Skiing Canoeing Rafting Ice trekking, Boating and...

Camillas Spisestue

Camillas Spisestue Potato dumplings called ‘komper’ are as much as part of southern Norway’s traditional cuisine as shrimp. The dish is served throughout the country under a variety of names such as raspeball, kumle, potetball or klot. The best komper in Kristiansand are served at Camilla’s on Thursdays.

Cuba Life

This small, nicely done café serves nothing less than the city’s best coffee and the city’s best cigars. A broad selection of Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta and Montecristo are kept it their own walk-in humidor.