Destinasjon Hallbjønn (Beautiful scenery with majestic mountain)

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Destinasjon Hallbjønn (Beautiful scenery with majestic mountain)

Hallbjønnsekken offers a fantastic location in the mountain area between Valley in West Telemark and Valle, Setesdal, and is famous for beautiful scenery with majestic mountain ranges. The destination is ski slopes, hiking trails and service center with restaurant, pub and warm living room. The area has beautiful walks all year.

The center is about. 805 meters above sea level 23 km from the valley center and 35 km from Valle. The center's high standards, Norwegian character and scenic location with neighboring areas, rich in sights, ideal for comfort, activity and adventure holidays.

The ski center has 2 moves and 4 slopes. Nedfartsløypenes length from approx. 700 to 1400 meters. Here you can practice skiing, snowboard and Telemark skiing. From units to ski, there are about 300-500 meters. You can put on your skis outside the housing unit and drive to the ski lift. If you have home run with no problem directly from the skit ranks.

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