Daytrip to Gloppefoss waterfall

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Daytrip to Gloppefoss waterfall
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Daytrip to Gloppefoss waterfall

Gloppefoss is one of the highest waterfalls in the Setesdal Valley, with a great flow of water through the whole summer season, even in periods with little rain. A marked path runs from highway 9 through Veiåjuvet canyon to Gloppefoss. The scenery is impressive, with high mountains on both sides. The river Veiåne follows the bottom of the valley. The hike to Gloppefoss takes about 2 hours. Hikers will have to cross the Veiåne several times. Crossing is normally no problem as the river is not very deep. However, the flow of water will increase after long periods of rain, and under such conditions hikers are advised to consider whether crossing will be safe. Under normal weather conditions, the hike to Gloppefoss is a great experience, also for families with children.

Parking by highway 9. The first part of the hike is on a gravel road, and then on a tractor road. The road follows the river in the Veiåjuvet canyon, through magnificent scenery. There are no cabins or homes in the area. No map is required as the road is easy to find and follows the valley and the river.

Make sure not to miss this gorgeous scenery.

Factual information:
The trail starts approx. 9 km north of the centre of Valle, just past Lunden Camping. Duration: approx. 2 hours each way. Recommended for families. Please note that during and after periods of heavy rain, the flow of water in the river should be carefully considered before crossing. Parking: by the gate off highway 9. Litter: you are kindly requested not to litter the environment. Campfires are strictly forbidden. You are recommended to bring a packed lunch.

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