Norwegian Mountain Contact Information

Norwegian Mountain Contact Information

Mountain Touring Associations

The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association

Den Norske Turistforening
DNT (The Norwegian Backcountry Association)
Local sub-associations in many regions. Serves a network of huts all over Norway. Some huts are nice as basis for climbing. A membership fee is recommended.
Box 1963 Vika
N-0125 Oslo
phone: 22832550

Alta og Omegn Turlag

Box 1129
N-9501 Alta

Arendal og Oppland Turistforening

Sidsel Brabrand Urfjell
Postboks 369
Visiting address:
Vestre gate 17, Arendal
Phone: 47 3702 3214
Telefax: +47 3702 7315

Bergen Turlag

Tverrgaten 4
5017 Bergen, Norway
Phone: 55 33 58 10

Bodø og Omegns Turistforening (turlag)

Sandgata 3
8006 Bodø, Norway
Phone: 75 52 14 13

Brønnøysund og omegn turistforening (BOT)

Postadresse: Postboks 751,
8001 Bodø
Besøksadresse: Sandgata 3, Bodø
Tlf: 75521413
Fax: 75521491

Drammens og Oplands Turistforening

Betzy Kjelsbergs vei 263
3028 Drammen, Norway
Tel: 32 89 16 50

Finnskogen Turistforening

Åsmund Skasdammen
Postboks 83
Phone: 945 47 329

Flekkefjord og Oplands Turistforening (FOT)

Postboks 190
4401 Flekkefjord
Phone: 91829431

Hamar og Hedemarken Turistforening (HHT)

Postboks 45
2301 Hamar
Phone: 62522848

Harstad Turlag

Tuvslettvegen 38
9415 Harstad, Norway
Phone: 77 07 51 14

Haugesund Turistforening (HT)

Postboks 432
5501 Haugesund
Phone: 52715311

Hemnes Turistforening

Postboks 2
Phone: 47 993 71 736

Holmestrand og Omegn Turistforening (HOT)

v/Leif Weltzien Solberggrenda 15
3080 Holmestrand
Phone: 33055726

Horten og Omegn Turistforening

Postboks 148
3191 Horten
Phone: 33 03 17 08

Kongsberg og omegns Turistforening (KOT)

Postboks 891
3606 Kongsberg
Phone: 32 29 90 54

Kristiansand og Opplands Turistforening

Postboks 633
4665 Kristiansand
Phone: 38120750

Kristiansund og Nordmøre Turistforening

Postboks 476
6501 Kristiansund
Telefon: 71 67 69 37
Mob: 90 86 50 88
Faks 71 67 64 44

Larvik og Omegns Turistforening

Storgata 50
3256 Larvik
Phone: 33187650

Lillehammer og Omland Turistforening

Storgata 34
2609 Lillehammer
Phone: 61251306

Lofoten Turlag

Box 90
N-8370 Leknes
NB Cabins are owned by Lofoten Turlag (LT) and are locked with Den Norske Turistforenings (DNTs) standard cabin key, which can be borrowed by LT and DNT members from Sørvågen Handel, Sørvågen (tel. 760 91215) or KIN-Trykk, Ramberg (tel. 760 93420). Deposit: NOK 300. Non-members have access when accompanied by members.

Molde og Romsdals Turistforening

Postboks 486
6401 Molde
Phone: 71218202

Narvik og Omegn Turistforening (NOT)

Postboks 615 8508 Narvik
Kongensgate 57
8514, NARVIK
Phone: 76 94 37 90

Nord-Trøndelag Turistforening

Postboks 232
7501 Stjørdal
Phone: 74827880

Nord-Salten Turlag (NST)

Haug 8289 Våg
Tlf: 75 77 74 64 / 47 90 75 80

Notodden Turlag

Postboks 218
3672 Notodden
Phone: 35010892

Oslo og Omegn Turistforening

Postboks 7 Sentrum
0101 Oslo
Tel: (+47) 22822822

Rana Turistforening

Postboks 1254
8602 Mo i Rana
Phone: 75139200

Rena og Omegn Turistforening

NO-2450 RENA
Boks 10 2481 Koppang

Ringerikes Turistforening

Postboks 51
3502 Hønefoss
Phone: 32122100

Sandefjord og Oplands Turistforening

Postboks 349
3201 Sandefjord
Phone: 33481710

Skien-Telemark Turistforening

Postboks 3089
3707 Skien
Phone: 35532555

Sogn og Fjordane Turlag

Postboks 10
6801 Førde
Phone: 57720614

Stavanger Turistforening

Postboks 239
4001 Stavanger
Phone: 51840200

Sulitjelma og Omegn Turistforening

Postboks 300
8201 Fauske
Phone: 7564 1885
Telefax: 7564 6047
Mobil917 32 923

Sør-Varanger Turlag

Postboks 378,
9915 Kirkenes

Tistedalen Friluftslag

Postboks 18,
1790 Tistedal
Tlf: 69182282

Troms Turlag

Postboks 284,
9253 Tromsø
Besøksadresse: Kirkegata 2
Tlf: 77685175

Trondhjems Turistforening

Sandgt 30,
7012 Trondheim
Besøksadresse: Sandgt. 30
Tlf: 73924200
Fax: 73924201

Tønsberg og Omegn Turistforening

Nedre Langgate 36,
3126 Tønsberg
Besøksadresse: Nedre Langgate 36
Tlf: 33 31 58 26
Fax: 33 31 12 80

Varangerhalvøya Turlag

Postboks 476
9811 Vadsø
Tel: 975 26 997

Voss Utferdslag

Postboks 55
5701 Voss
Phone: 915 79 840

Ålesund-Sunnmøre Turistforening

Postboks 250
6001 Ålesund
Besøksadresse: Kongens gate 17

Norwegian Mountain Climbing Clubs

The Norwegian Alpine Club (Norsk Tindeklub, NTK)

The main attraction for members are the well equipped cabins we have in the most popular climbing areas in southern Norway:
Vengedalshytta, in Romsdalen near the famous Romsdalshorn peak
Giklingdalshytta, in the climbing eldorado of Innerdalen
Skagadalshytta, in Hurrungane, the western part of Jotunheimen
tlf.: +47 41 20 60 80

Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr Outfitters

Bogstadveien 1
N-0355 Oslo

Tromsø klatreklubb (Tromsø Climbing Club)

For the climbing on Kvaløya island, west of Tromsø.
Box 847
N-9001 Tromsø

NNKS (North Norway Climbing School), Lofoten [Nord Norsk Klatreskole]

Thorbjørn Enevold the climbing guide who lives and works in Lofoten, where he runs the NNKS (North Norway Climbing School), and who was instrumental in getting Ed Webster to write the classic 1994 guidebook “Climbing in the Magic Islands”.
Misværveien 10 -
8312 Henningsvær

Stetind, Narvik and Tysfjord Climbing and Caving Club: Tysfjord tinde og grotteklubb (Mountaineeringand Caving club)

Box 849
N-8001 Bodø
Frode Jenssen
Mob. 917 34 746
E-post: /
WWW: /

Bodø Climbing Club (Bodø Klatreklubb)

Pb. 1226,
8001 Bodø

Tindegruppa NTHI Climbing Club, Trondheim 222
N-7034 Trondheim
Club shop at Trondheim
Axel Bruun A/S
Prinsensgt 30
Phone: 73895211

Aak Mountain Sports Centre (Aak fjellsportsenter), Romdsdalen

Provide guide and accommodation
Box 238
N-6301 Åndalsnes

Sunnmøre Climbing Club
If you are looking for more airy challenges, we can recommend the more than 60 routes (grades 3-7) in the Molladalen valley and Kyrkjesteinen in Skorgeura (grades 3-8) the steep rock face Toskefloget (grade 7-8) or one of the climbing areas in Hjartåberga/Aldalen (grade 3-7). In addition to the natural climbing Eldorado of the Sunnmøre Alps, you’ll also find an indoor climbing wall – the climbing silo in Volda.

Sunnmøre Professional local tour guides

SunAlp AS
SunAlp Mountain Guides offers UIAGM/ IVBV/IFMGA qualified mountain guides. Since 1996 we have guided people to the most beautiful peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps. We are specialized in winter conditions with alpine ski touring and avalanche awareness courses. All necessary safety equipment can be provided.
Tel: (+47) 70 07 36 82/ 909 34 884.

Sunnmørsk Klatreklubb (Climbing Club)

P.b. 299,
N-6150 Ørsta.
Tel: (+47) 70 06 96 44,

Ørsta IL, Keep fit group

Unni Sætre, tel: (+47) 70 06 79 76
The keep fit group organise keep fit activities in Ørsta indoors and out all year round. In summertime every Wednesday you can join a local group.

Active in Volda

At www.volda.kommune – Aktiv i Volda you will find an overview of different physical activities available through the year. See also

Bergen Climbing Club (Bergen Klatreklubb )

Box 922
N-5001 Bergen
Tlf:55271209 (betjent fra kl 15 til 18)

The climbing club BRV, Rogaland

BRV has since the initiation, in essence focused on promoting and advancing rock climbing in Rogaland. We do this by being the social rallying point for our climbing members, and to act as a resource for maintenance of crags and walls and the development of new crags, walls and bouldering fields.

Some 130 members are active in BRV. New members are welcome, as long as you like the vertical world, be it on a big wall, on the sports crag or on a boulder. A membership in BRV is an excellent way to meet other climbers, and not the least: you support our effort in promoting and developing the sport here in Rogaland.
Bratte Rogalands Venner
Postboks 437 Sentrum
4002 Stavanger

Kolsås Climbing Club

0175 Oslo, Norway
Phone: 22 11 28 90

Drammen Klatreklubb

Engene 1,
3008 Drammen

Gekko Klatring - climbing centre

Bispegata 16
NO-0191 Oslo
Phone: 99 28 21 21

Klatreklubben Ålesund

Valderøya at Skjonghellaren
Box 139,
6001 Ålesund. Kontonr
Møre Og Romsdal

Klatring i Romsdal (Climbing in Romsdal)

Climbing guide for Romsdal. Romsdalen is a valley, while Romsdal is an old county covering a large area, including Åndalsnes, Molde and Eresfjord. Åndalsnes is the place to stay when climbing in and around Romsdalen. The Trollveggen Camping offers a good view to the Troll Wall, and it is not far from the climbing area Hornaksla. Mjelva Camping is located next to the Mjelva Cliff and closer to the center of Åndalsnes. Trollstigen Camping og Gjestegård is located in Isterdalen, right beneath the mountains Bispen, Kongen and Dronninga.

Romsdal Aktiv

Romsdal Aktiv is located in Fjord Norway and offers caving, river rafting, kayaking, river board and canoe tours on the rivers of Istra and Rauma.
Romsdal Aktiv
Phone: +47 98 49 33 45

Klivrelaget - Heim ( Klivrelaget Ytre Søre)

Ulstein klivrelag
- Olve Brandal,
Phone: 41 92 95 44

OSI Klatregruppa (OSI Climbing group)

Cams and nuts, nut tool, climbing shoes, helmet, harness, rope, chalk, crash pad (all this can be borrowed from the climbing group), clothes for warm and cold weather, camping gear, guitar, harmonica. Because the camp site is maintained by Nisser camping, you pay a small fee (30NOK) per night for camping. Transport is covered by OSI klatregruppa.
OSI Klatregruppa (OSI Climbing group)
Nissedal, Telemark, Norway

Norges klatreforbund - Hjem

Sognsveien 75 L
0855 Oslo
Kontaktperson: Bjørg Liljedal
Telefon: 21 02 98 30
Hjemmeside: Klikk her
Leder: Ole Karsten Birkeland
mob: +47 950 32 287
Koordinator: Bjørg Liljedal
mob: +47 971 73 203
Tlf: 21 02 98 30, 91 82 03 08 / 40 10 10 70

Skøyen Klatresenter, Oslo

Drammensveien 130
0277 Oslo
Telefon: 22 04 98 88

Vertikal AS, Hemsedal

Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr
3561 Hemsedal
Vertikal A/S
3561 Hemsedal


Norwegian climbing partners and skiing partners to different climbing locations in Norway - ice climbing, sport climbing and bouldering. Organise annual lyngen trip.

Sunnmørsk Klatreklubb

guide to the Sunnmøre mountains. In the month January / February, we arrange a lysbiletesamling on Standalhytta where club members show their own image in from their trips. Annual lysbileteframsyningar in from known klatreekspedisjonar. Climbing Collection in Molladalen in June each year.
P.b. 299, N-6150 Ørsta.
Tel: (+47) 70 06 96 44,

Official Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of Norway (Norsk Berner Sennenhundklubb)

Postboks 69,
1306 Bærum Postterminal

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