Rjukan KOS Ing. (Competence and Adventure centre)

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Rjukan KOS Ing.
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Rjukan KOS Ing. (Competence and Adventure centre)

Rjukan Competence and Adventure centre offer canoeing trips with sleepover and courses for those who seak knowledge and safety about paddeling canoes.

Rjukan is as tough as its name. Say Rjukan, and out pops words like heavy water, saboteurs, war heroes, resistance, Hydro, and so forth.
There is something tough and obstinate about the whole thing. Rjukan has cut its way into the history of Norway in a thunderous way. The towns appearance is like this too. It lies like a 20 km long gorge, cut into the eastern part of the Hardangervidda, and it makes anyone who comes by here wonder.

For it isn’t any average Norwegian town you will find in the valley that is without sun for five months a year. In fact the whole town is architecturally drawn, from one end to the other. Sam Eyde saw to that, one hundred years ago, when he put the Rjukan waterfall in pipes, and called up two thousand workers to build a town with factories to make artificial fertiliser.

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